Apple iPhone 7S Spec, Release Date, Price and Features

Just as a few months have progressed on the launch of the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, there has been an enormous interest on the phone over time to time upon the upcoming model of iPhone 7S. Well, following the trend set on September, the Apple iPhone 7S is being expected to get released by September 2017.

The iPhone 7S is expected up with some of the key features of iSight Camera along with a complete new design and power. There is indeed a lot to make up as the Apple manufacturers are working great to our expectations.

The iPhone 7S will indeed be a great to buy and infact it is even greater to have such a wonderful phone in your pocket. Keep reading below to know more about the Apple iPhone 7S Full Specifications, Release Date, Price and Features!

Apple iPhone 7S Full Specifications

There are indeed a lot of conceptions coming out prior to the release of the 7S. However, to all our expectations, the 7S outraged to be one of the most valuable phones to buy for the year 2016.

The 7S will be available in four different colour combinations of Silver, Black, Jet Black and also Rose Gold, just being one of the finest gizmos to carry out.

iPhone 7S release dateThe Jet Black is probably the highest Grossing model searched about and the stainless steel Apple Logo sets out to get the stage on fire.

The iPhone 7S will not have any specific antenna lines across the body and thus the design is now much more unique than ever.

This time, the iPhone 7S will be will be launched as water and dust resistant and it seem like that the American manufacturers have just evoked to be one step ahead from the arch rivals SAMSUNG.

The 7S will be given an IP67 protection which describes that you can swim along with it for a quite long time. Well, the highest protection given to the limited edition phone is with IP68 which can stabilize a depth of 1 meter of water for upto 30 minutes.

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The display of the new iPhone 7S has been far more developed than the usual and now, it has become 25% much brighter and the previous version or the iPhone 6S.

It also has a wide colour galmut which makes the colour management and 3D touch capabilities to be much better. The inclusion of the Sapphire glass will also become far handier to use. The expected screen size will be of 5.8 inches!


The exclusive new feature for the iPhone 7S is the camera system. The camera has been redefined this time and also updated with the optical image stabilization.

Also the dual lens is expected to set up with and improved range of two 13 Mp cameras making it far more stable and click pictures with a better resolution.

However, one of those lenses can clearly shoot a wide angle and the other is the telephoto lens which can measure in a great zoom. It will be upgraded to an iSight feature with the front camera focusing on to 8 Mp.


Following the performance for the Apple iPhone 7S, there is just one word which can easily come out. Well, the new introduction of the A10 Fusion Processor is been optimized with four cores and is probably 40% faster than the previous version.

However the phone has a high capability to run the console level gaming with the updated graphics and the core display. Apart from this, the battery life claimed for the iPhone 7S is much more and practically, it can run for more 1 hour than the previous iPhone 6S.

iPhone 7S Features:

When we talk about the features of the Home button, there are indeed a lot more which you can get a hold of. Well, from the looks, there has been a lot of improvement on the home button and the key has been reprieved with a haptic feedback.

This indeed requires a taptic engine with is a lot bigger in the new version of the Apple iPhone 7S. Now, this key feature is commonly used in the Force Touch screen option of the home screen.

Apart from this, there has also been a new change in the speakers as well. Yes, the news of the farewell to the 3.5 mm jacks has come out to be true and Apple has successfully will be launched the airpods which is also a great upgrade.

The Siri integration has also been a clever choice pulled out by the manufacturers as it brings out just the change required. All over, the iPhone 7S is much smarter than it usually looks to be.

When the battery is specifically considered, the iPhone 7S can give you upto 5 hours of on cal battery life and now that case hold of 24 hours of super charging on the go.

So now, you do not have to carry out any sort of extra chargers with yourself and all that you have to do is just tick on the supercharging switch placed beside it.

Also there have been many more features coming up such as the Apple Pay which will make it easier to have online transactions.

Apple iPhone 7S Price:

According to the launches, there have been three different versions of the iPhone 7S will be launched till date and all of the three are of different storage versions.

The lower end range of the iPhone 7S stars out from the 32 GB of storage and is priced at $800. However there are two more versions of the iPhone 7S will be launched including the 128 GB model as well as the 256 GB model.

The prices for the 64GB models introduced are based at $869 while that of the 256 GB model introduced is priced at $949.

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