Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone release date, Specs, Price and other rumors

The South Korean giant Samsung is gearing up for the next big launch i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone. The company is reportedly trying to bring the best possible feature in the phone regain the image. The rumors suggest that Samsung may launch Note 8 in September 2017. The company may bring it as soon as before the end of third quarter of 2017 according to Christianpost. The leaked images and specs are good enough to put it in the best phone ever made by Samsung.

The edge-to-edge display

There has been an increase in demand for phones with larger screens known as phablets. These phones are the main reason for the decline in Tablet market.

The main reason is they are much more powerful that tablets and have less screen size. Samsung has always been the center of the trendsetting with the display. It looks like it will do something amazing with Note 8 as well.

In the recent years, Samsung has been trying to bring the major changes in the display technology. The rumors suggest that the company is working on the bezel-free display. Also, Note 8 will come with a screen size of 6.2-inch.

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Artificial Intelligence

As per the leaked information, the company is working on an exclusive AI system. It will put Samsung in direct competition with Siri and Google Assistant.

The main aim of the company is to make the Note 8 the most user-friendly phone ever made. The users will be able to activate apps and features via voice commands.

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Virtual Reality

VR became the part of mainstream mobile phones in 2016. More or less every company is trying its level best to ensure the presence of VR capabilities. Samsung will include VR options in Note 8. 

Screen resolution

No matter leaks suggest it or not, it will be foolish not to expect 4K resolution from Note 8. The leaks suggest that the phone will have 6 GB RAM.

Also, it will have Exynos 8895 processor that is capable of true octa-core processing. The company has used two bundles of quad-cores processors in Note series to give octa-core like processing power.


It looks to be over-exaggerated but the leaks are suggesting that Note 8 will come with a whopping 30-megapixel rear camera.

If you leave the resolution aside, the phone will come with a Dual Camera setup for sure as it has already tried in Note 7.

The company may bring Dual camera setup on the front side as well which will be a major step up.

Other rumors

There are rumors that suggest that company may bring Note 8 with removable battery to avoid accidents like Note 7.

If Samsung actually pulls it off, then it will be the first phone in high-end range with the removable back panel. The leaked images suggest that there is no fingerprint scanner on the back.

Samsung is trying to bring the bezel-less screen so it may go for an optical fingerprint scanner. For more information, stay tuned!

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