7 effective ways to know what song is this playing around you

It happens often that you pass by a music shop and the shopkeeper plays some song. You like the music and want to download but have no have idea What Song is This.

OR at some occasion you attend friend’s party where you listen to a song which you enjoy alot and want to get it downloaded but don’t have clue about the movie name.

You ask your friends and relatives the song so that you can go to Google and search for free mp3 download sites to download the song and play it over and again .

It upsets you yet again knowing your friends too have no clue about the song.

To address this problem I am sharing certain tips and tricks to find out the song playing around you using few well know apps such as Shazam, Sound Hound music search, Google and websites.

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Find songs using apps

1) ShazamGoogle Play Store | Apple  iTunes |  Windows phone  |

It is one of the best music app available for almost all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows etc. The app has thousand of million of downloads till date on the app stores and millions of positive feedback.

The developers continued to improve it based on users feedback and reached the stage where it is now with over 100 million users and still continues.

Shazam App

How to use Shazam app to know “What Song is This”

Shazam app is one of the best method to recognise the song through tune or music. I personally tested it to know if it really works and I can say YES ! It easily recognises the song.

One day I heard a tune (and the song which was non-English) while talking to my friend via skype. She was playing the song called LAMBADA which is a Brazilian song and was sung in the local language.

I liked the music but had no idea about this song because I never listened it in my entire life. Shazam app easily recognised the tune and took me to the song and I listened to it whole night, haha ! Here is what you need to do to recognise a song.

Pre-requisite of using this method.

  • A Smartphone.
  • Shazam app installed on your smartphone.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Music source.


1 – Play the music/Tune.

2 – Take your smartphone and start Shazam app. Make sure WiFi/Data plan is activated on your phone.

3 – Bring the phone closer to music source and tap Shazam logo appearing on the screen (you will see a msg “Touch to Shazam” below this logo). Screenshot_2016-02-24-23-46-49

4 – Shazam will take a few second to listen to the tune before recognising the song as shown in below image. Bravo ! you have found the song. Screenshot_2016-02-25-10-05-38


2) SoundHound Music SearchGoogle Play Store | Apple iTunes | Windows Phone | BlackBerry

This is yet again a great app to search for the song using song’s tune or the music. It also did a great job when I tested it for the same song.

The only problem I faced was, I had to try twice to know the song as it wasn’t being able to take me to the song and showing error even though my internet and other things were Good (as per my understanding).

It can be a temporary problem with the app or with my internet connection. Give it a try !

soundhound app

How to use SoundHound Music Search for knowing “What Song is This”

Among the popular music apps, SoundHound comes in the top 10 apps available at majority of app stores for free. The quality of sound is pretty good in case of SoundHound and that’s why the app is downloaded by more than 50 millions users and continues. One thing I liked about this app is when you let it listen to the music to recognise song, it gets saved in history and you can search for the song any time.

Pre-requisite of using this method.

  • A Smartphone.
  • SoundHound Music Search app installed on your smartphone.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Music source.


1 – Play the music/tune.

2 – Pick the smartphone, start the app and bring it closer to music source.


3 – Tap the logo on the screen and let it listen the music/tune.


4 – It will ask you to “Tap when Done” and recognises the song !

3) TrackID™ – Music Recognition – Google Play Store

Comes from the house of Sony mobile communications, it is pretty effective, easy to use app for recognising the music playing around with a neat and clean design.

Since the app is managed by Sony mobile communications, you can expect great results. With over 10 millions users already and several million reviews, the app is trending.TrackID™ - app

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How to use TrackID™ – Music Recognition to find the song

The brand speaks for itself !. TrackID™ – Music Recognition app took just 10 seconds to recognise the same song (LAMBADA) that I was playing on the laptop. It is super duper fast and ridiculously easy to use.

Apart from recognising the song, you can explore different interesting options such as hitting the map to know what other are tracking. I found it much better option with lots of interesting features.

The most  important thing is the brand name SONY! See how to use it below.

Pre-requisite of using this method.

  • A Smartphone.
  • TrackID™ installed on your smartphone.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Music source.


1 – Pick your smartphone and and start the app.

2 – Play music/tune.

3 – Tap the violet color button at the bottom and let the app listen to the music/tune.


4 – Within 5 to 10 seconds, the app will recognise the song and take you to next step to play the recognised song!



4) -Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music – Google Play store | Apple iTunes | Windows Phone

Musixmatch is one step ahead of above apps when it comes to recognition of song playing around you. Apart from recognising the song playing on TV, Radio around you, you can search the song by typing lyrics.

Musixmatch has a huge database of lyrics and it comes out with great results after typing a few lines of songs.

Musixmatch - apps

How to use Musixmatch to know “What song is this”

The app is tested for the same song LAMBADA and I must admit that It recognised the song pretty faster. Not just it identified the song, it suggested me the lyrics as well.

The lyrics of the song was appearing on the phone screen while the song was being played on the laptop. Here is how to use Musixmatch.

Pre-requisite of using this method.

  • A Smartphone.
  • Musixmatch app installed on your smartphone.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Music source.


1 – Pick phone, go to respective app store (Google play if you are on android, iTune if iOS and respective app stores if on other platform) and install it.

2 – Start app and it will ask you to sign in either through Google Plus, Facebook or register via email. Register an account or sign in via Facebook/Google plus.

3 – Play the music/song.

4 – Bring the phone closer to music source.






5 – It will recognise the song, take you to next step to play the song while displaying song’s lyrics on the screen.




The lambada song was sung in local language and with the help of this app, I was able to understand the lyrics. Thanks a ton !

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Find songs using websites

If you aren’t a smartphone user, it will be difficult for you to use above app to know what song is this being played around you. In that case you either need help from your friend  or relative who has a smartphone.

He may or may not be able to help you because of reasons. Let’s explore some websites which can help you find the song.

5) – WatZatSong – This is one of the oldest website where people record the song clip or hum the song, record it and upload on this website. The other users listen to your uploaded file and suggest song’s name.

This is pretty simple and really effective as the guessing work is being done by human being not by a software. You may record a clip of the song or say a few lines that you might remember and upload it.

There are several users on this website who listen to the song and come out with suggestions.  It may take a bit longer as you first have to record the clip, post it online and then wait for someone to listen & answer.  Here is the tutorial how to use this website.


Pre-requisite of using this method.

  • A laptop.
  • Audio clip
  • Reliable internet connection.


1 – Open the website and click the button “Post a Sample” located on the top.

2 – It will ask you to sign up for an account and in case you have already signed up, log in to your account. You may login to using Facebook/Google Plus as well.

3 –  Once you log in to your account. Browse the clip that you have recorded and hit upload button.

4 – Your sample is uploaded on the website. Wait till some listens it and answers.

6) – Musicpedia – This website may give you instant results if you are good at singing and your voice is easily recognisable. There is several options through which you can let this website hear the music and suggest you the song. I tried using mic and it gave me the exact song I was signing. It is pretty simple, effective and relatively faster way to find What Song is This.  See below how to use this website.

Music pedia

Pre-requisite of using this method.

  • A laptop.
  • Microphone to sing the lyrics.
  • Reliable internet connection.

1 – Open the website and click the best option you want to let your music heard (I chose microphone).

2 –  You will see two buttons “Record” and “Play”.

3 – Hit record and try to say the lyrics.

4 – It will come out with the suggestion and I hope its the same song which you have been searching for.

Find songs using Search Engine

7) – Google Search – Who doesn’t know about the Google? Its one of the biggest search engine on the internet which has been around for several years.

Whenever anyone have to find information about anything, Google is the first choice. So why not give it a try to find song as well?  If you know random lyrics of the song or have an idea about the artist or the movie name, type it in Google search and it will surely suggest the song.

How to use Google Search to know “What Song is This”

Pre-requisite of using this method.

  • A laptop.
  • Reliable internet connection.


1 – Start Google Chrome and type,

2 – Enter the lines of lyrics in search bar.

3 – Hit search button and it will display results which could feature the song you were trying to find.

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