All time best Bible games for families

Kids as well as adults love good games. You can entertain your kids for hours with well made and interesting board, card, and video games. Games are not only good for entertainment, but they are educational as well. You can spice up your family night with new games, too! Here is a list of the top ten Bible games for families and a little information about each one.

Inkling bible game

Inkling: This game is similar to a trivia game and you only need an “inkling” of information to get your answer right. You will answer Bible trivia games such as “who am I” using six given clues. You score points by needing fewer clues to answer the questions. This can be used for kids 8 and up and takes two to six players. This game is available online and at many Christian book and supply stores. It retails for about $25.

Bible Charades: This game is made by the Bible Games Company. If your child loves playing a good game of charades, he or she will also love the Bible Charades games for ages ten and up, although younger kids may enjoy getting in on the action, too. You can form two to four teams to play this animated game. Learn about the Old Testament, Bible people and places, parables, proverbs, and hymns and music. This game sells for about $35.

Bible Scramble: This game is another Bible trivia game that allows players to explore their knowledge of Bible facts and people. If you fail to answer your question correctly, you have a penalty you must pay. This game is for two to twenty players and retails at about $18.

Apples to Apples Bible Edition: You may have heard of the regular Apples to Apples game, but this one comes with a biblical twist. In this game (for four to ten players), you deal the cards and compare cards with judges on everything from biblical people, places and events. This is filled with Christian history and it is a fast moving game that the whole family will enjoy.

Bible Rummy: Play the classic game of rummy with your children ages four and up. This game features facts and plenty of biblical history. Two to six players can play this game at one time and it is priced at around $9.00.

Bible Bingo: What kid doesn’t love Bingo? Instead of B-I-N-G-O, how about the B-I-B-L-E? This game is played exactly like regular bingo, but you are spelling out bible instead. It comes with cards, and chips. Kids of all ages can play this easy to understand game. It is perfect for your family or your Sunday school class.

Gospel of John Family Board Game: This game is designed for people ages eight and up. Use this game to follow Jesus through the Gospel of John and relive the adventure of the Bible. This is a perfect game for everyone in your family. It is easy to understand and play and sells for about $25.

Bible Baffle Board Game: This game is geared for ages 13 and up and sells for about $35. Relive the Bible through this board game and progress through the game by answering biblical questions.

Bible Baffle Board Game

Bible Challenge Pocket Edition: Take this 580 trivia question game on the go. Answer questions in six different categories and see how you stack up against other players. Kids ages 12 and up can play this game alone or with other players. This sells for about $9.

Bible Baseball Board Game: The “pitcher” pitches out trivia questions about the Bible. If your child loves sports, he or she will certainly enjoy this fun game. This is for 2-12 players and sells for $24.95.

What Makes a Good Family Game Night

September 23 is National Family Game Night, but there’s no reason families can’t create their own weekly family game night without a special day dedicated to it. In fact, there are plenty of prizes earned when each member comes together for some fun, and they can be even better than simply winning.

Board Games or Video Games

Most family game nights center around board games, but as video game technologies become more interactive, there are more and more viable electronic options as well. The goal of a good family game night is to bring family members together, and this is most easily done without electronics.

Classic game nights consist of board games that the entire family can play. Examples of popular board games, many of which are made by board-game giant Hasbro, include:

Board Games or Video Games

The Game of Life
Skip Bo
Candy Land
Apples to Apples

Still, games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, which can make for an outrageous karaoke-style evening, and many Nintendo Wii games provide enough interactivity to be used. Just make sure the game can accommodate the size of the family so that no one has to sit out. Other nontraditional options include DVD hybrid trivia games, such as Scene it?, which comes in movie and music themes, and electronic versions of board games like Clue and Trivial Pursuit.

Why Family Game Night is Important

In addition to bringing the family closer together, board games and other strategy games provide learning experiences on a variety of levels. Family members learn how to interact with one another and come together to solve problems or answer questions. Positive teamwork is also tested and reinforced. Losing gracefully and good sportsmanship can also develop from game night experiences.

The Rules of Game Night

In order to foster the right environment, implement the following rules:

Take turns.
Don’t be mean and help someone if they do not know the answer.
Let everyone be involved in choosing the week’s game.
Allow family members to invite friends from time to time.
Start early so that no one gets too tired before a game ends.
Be patient, especially with a new game, if not everyone knows the rules.
Follow the rules of the game unless the entire family agrees to change them.

For a family game night to be successful, it must be consistent. Each week, set aside the same time for the family to get together and have some fun. Provide snacks that won’t damage game pieces, like pretzels or M&Ms, and keep drinks on their own separate table.

Game nights are inexpensive ways for families to take a break from the stresses of normal day-to-day life. They might even provide some memorable moments and traditions that can be passed from generation to generation.