iPhone 9

iPhone 9 release date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors

iPhone 9 release date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors

Although we are several months away from iPhone 9 release date but the speculations about the features, specifications, concept design, colors etc  has started to surface at various technical forums as well blogs and websites.

The iPhone 9 release date will be in the Q3 (September) /Q4 (October) of the year 2018 and it is said to be highly advanced iPhone ever.

The company released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the second week of September 2016 and it has been predicted that iPhone 8 along with its sibling iPhone 7S & 7S Plus will be released during the same period in 2017 and we will have iPhone 9 being announced in September/October 2018.

If there is any upgraded model of iPhone 8, ie. iPhone 8S which generally comes the next year after full digit iPhone, the iPhone 9 release date will shift to 2019.

When are the different models of iPhone announced since first iPhone ?

I discussed below table in my previous post where I talked about the release dates of different versions of iPhone since 2008. 

iPhone Model Release Date
First Gen iPhone June 2008
iPhone 3G S June 2009
iPhone 4 release date June 2010
iPhone 4S October 2011
iPhone 5 release date September 2012
iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C September 2013
iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 September 2014
iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus September 2015
iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus September 2016
iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus & iPhone 8 Q3 2017
iPhone 9 Q3/Q4 2018

Earlier the company has no fixed month for the release of iPhone as we can see from above table the first ever iPhone was released in June 2008 and Apple continued the same month release for next three versions.

The iPhone 4S was first off season release when it was delayed till October in 2011.

Since the release of iPhone 5, the company started to follow September month release trend and starting from iPhone 5 till the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, all the iPhone models are released in same month each year.iPhone 9

The company seems to not discontinue this trend and we can see iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus being announced in the September 2018 as well if iPhone 8S is skipped. The release of iPhone 9 can be shifted to 2019 in case there is iPhone 8S.

iPhone 9 specification

As far as the specification of iPhone 9 is concern, there is not much info available at this moment but It can be predicted that iPhone 9 will have iOS 13 operating system. The processing will be made lightening faster with the help of A13 chipset and 3.0 Ghz Octo-core processor & 8 B of RAM.

The company may ditch basic 32/64 GB model and the base model could start from 128 GB itself. It means the price would be a little bit higher.

The customers have mix reaction about bigger screen and smaller screen phone choices nowdays so the chances of iPhone 9 screen size be 5.5-inch inches is pretty much higher.

As far as the camera is concern, we have notice the company is improving iPhone camera with each newer models, same thing we could see with iPhone 9 camera..

The iPhone 9 primary camera could go upto 20 MP with 8 MP front facing camera that will help you with self shoot.

It may feature upto 4000 mAH non-removable battery that will last more number of hours even if you watch videos, play games and surf internet. 

iPhone 9 Price

The iPhone 9 price may vary from $900-$1000 for 128 GB model without contract in the United States and for higher storage model, the customer will have to spend extra few bucks.

For those who don’t store much of songs and videos, I believe 32 GB storage was more than enough but with 128 GB, they have plenty of space to store videos, songs, photos and other stuff. 

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