Best concert ukulele for travel and guitar musical gifts for children

Best concert ukulele – The picture of a musician strumming ukulele alongside a crackling campfire is almost iconic. The reality of lugging a full-sized instrument through the woods to get to that fire can be a bit less idyllic. Just like every spring, the great outdoors beckons, and for the musician who can’t stand to separate a love of nature and a passion for music, there are options.

Best concert ukulele

Some musicians opt for the ultra-portable, new breed known as a best concert ukulele. Those who just can’t get used to the streamlined body and light feel may find it a good fit. For just under $300, musicians can pick up this sturdy little ukulele and hit the trails.

How Does the Best Concert Ukulele for Travel Feel

It is about half the size and around eight pounds, making it a smart pick as a travel ukulele or child’s instrument. Once adjusted to this scaled down ukulele, musicians will find it very responsive and easy to play.

The Best concert ukulele for travel is just 33 3/4 inches long. While this is great for portability, it does effect playing. Guitarists used to a full-sized fretboard will have to adjust to the smaller Scale length of 22 ¾”. Musicians with smaller fingers and children will welcome this feature, but those comfortable with a full-sized guitar shouldn’t expect to do finger picking past the third fret or to use capos.

How Does the Best Concert Ukulele for Travel Sound

There’s no getting around the fact that a smaller sound chamber is going to produce a smaller sound. The instrument does have a few points in its favor to minimize this handicap though. For one thing, it is made with a solid wood top of either spruce or mahogany. Mahogany lends the ukulele a striking, dark appearance as well as a mellower tone than many travel models.

concert ukulele

Secondly, it is a quality instrument. Its solid wood top and ebony fretboard are materials not often found on guitars of this price range. Though this travel ukulele will inevitably have less volume and bass than a full size, the quality construction lends as rich a tone as can be expected for such a small size.

So, if the need for size reduction trumps a booming bassy sound, the instrument is one instrument a musician should check out. Because tone is such an individual and subjective preference though, it’s best for musicians to try a travel ukulele at a local music shop before making any sight unseen purchases. It won’t sound or feel like a full-size ukulele, but for traveling, camping, or kids, it’s a great option. And as everyone’s enjoying a lazy evening under the stars, who’s going to point out that the music doesn’t sound like the stuff indoors?

Best Guitar Musical Gifts for Children

Learning to play music teaches children a wonderful skill, helps to instill discipline and allows an outlet for creativity. Many may be interested in playing the guitar, although a professional, adult sized guitar may be too large or difficult for a child to learn to play. Giving them a age-appropriate guitar makes a wonderful holiday gift or birthday present. Here are some of the best guitar musical gifts for children.

Guitars for Birthday Presents and Holiday Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Even the youngest children can be exposed to music with age appropriate instruments. These guitars can be chosen for birthday presents and holiday gifts for babies and toddlers.

Leapfrog Learn & Groove Animal Sounds Guitar. Ages 12 months and up. Approximate retail price: $20. Babies can learn from either the animals, numbers or music settings. Can be switched to Spanish so that children can learn numbers and animal names in Spanish.
Fisher Price Jam With Elmo Guitar. Ages 18 months and up. Approximate retail price: $15. The strings play songs, riffs and activate lights.

children guitar gift

Best Guitar Musical Gifts for Young Children

Children of this age may be showing interest in playing the guitar, but may still not be ready to take lessons. Give them their first guitar as a present and they will begin to learn the basics.

Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar. Ages 3 and up. Approximate retail price: $20. Children can strum the strings to create their own music. Or, change to the song setting and when the child strums a string, one of 5 popular songs is played.
Jakks Pacific G2 Game Girl Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game. Ages 5 and up. Approximate retail price: $30. Plugs into the TV where kids can play along with Hannah Montana hits.

Guitars for Birthday Presents and Musical Gifts for Older Kids

Older school-aged children may finally be ready handle a larger guitar. These guitars are great musical gifts for kids who are ready to take lessons.

First Act 30 Inch Acoustic Guitar. Ages 10 and up. Approximate retail price: $50. This guitar is great for kids who are just beginning lessons. Comes with “Learn-a-Chord” cards and “First Act Guitar Guide.”
Hasbro Power Tour Electric Guitar. Ages 10 and up. Approximate retail price: $60. Teaches basic guitar skills and songs with an instructional DVD.

Since making music is entertaining and educational for children, musical gifts make great holiday gifts and birthday presents for kids. No matter what the child’s age, there is an appropriate guitar available.