Best Running Games for your Smartphone

If you are fan of running games then this post will be the most exciting post for you. It is because, we are going to list down the best running games app for your smartphone. We have hand picked these games and we sure that you will love all these apps. These apps could keep you engaged for hours. Take a look:

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an addictive running game that you can play at point of time without much introduction. It is based on the same concept of Temple Run but with a twist that make the this running  game more entertaining and challenging. In this game you have to run along a set of subway tracks by swiping your finger left or right on the screen so as to switch between the three vertical tracks but remember you need to be quick. The main aim of this game is to go as long as you can by avoiding a series of obstacles like trains, light posts, tunnels, wooden barricades, and more. On your way to have to collect coins and other power-ups like Jetpack, Coin Magnet, Sneakers, Multiplier etc. All these power-ups help you to earn coins in a fast manner and increase your score. You can upgrade your power-ups with the help of coins. You have to complete a series of missions by running so as to go to the next level.

Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run is a crazy endless running game whose main objective is to cover as much distance as possible. In this running  game Angry Granny has been locked in the Asylum and you have to guide her through the streets once she is busted out. You have to tilt the screen left and right making granny do all types of aerobics like run, jump, dash and slide to avoid different and crazy obstacles like landed UFO spaceship, construction workers crossing the road, giant tuna and much more. On your way you have to bash the Punks by running in order to grab the coins to clear up the streets. You have to accomplish all the missions and upgrade your power with the help of coins. Angry Gran Run has stunning graphics and one of the best free 3D running game.

Angry gran run

Rail Rush

Rail Rush is an adventurous running game in which you have to step into your cart  and explore the mine in a fun manner. In this running game to have to tilt and swipe your screen to avoid the obstacles and accelerate through crazy fast rails. Your main aim is to collect precious stones like gold nuggets and gems on your way. To make the game more interesting you will get rock eggs and you have to break them to reveal the surprise inside them. There will be new and exciting paths like Caverns waterfalls, spider nests, dead cities and mushroom halls on your way which you have to explore across the mine.  Your carts has various power ups to extend your chances inside the mines. Be the ultimate explorer by completing the missions by running.

Rail Rush

I am sure after reading about these games you must be excited to play them. So what are you waiting for download these apps on your Smartphone from Android and Apple market for absolutely FREE and start running.