Best Wii retro games online for this Christmas

Wii retro games online – All the games below for the Nintendo Wii game console are intended for mature gamers, and as such, should not be given to children (with the exception of New Super Mario Bros Wii and Punch Out!).

These Wii retro games online make for great Christmas gifts to husbands, boyfriends, friends – any men with an Nintendo Wii game console.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade on Nintendo Wii. It was released on 4th of September 2009

Muramasa features an action packed, Devil May Cry-style game in 2D. This title is especially a must-have for Japanophiles, and lovers of all things Anime and Japan related. The game features voices in Japanese with English subtitles, and all the enemies are based off of Japanese mythology, such as Oni and other demons.

It also offers a detailed 2D art style with many animations and backgrounds with depth. The art actually impresses more than the typical anime, and the typical Wii game for that matter, but gamers do not have to be anime fans to appreciate this beautiful 2D spectacle. Small graphical nuances such as a dripping candle as a life bar, or the unsheathing of swords every time the player switches weapons makes Muramasa: The Demon Blade is one of the most visually impressive games that was released about a decade ago.

But it’s not just eye-candy, Muramasa offers some excellent 2D fighting with light platforming elements, complete with epic boss fights and flashy super moves. Muramasa: The Demon Blade belongs in every mature gamer’s Wii collection.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii on Nintendo Wii. It was released on 13th November 2009

While a family-friendly Mario and friends video game may seem like an odd gift for a guy, the 2D Mario games released on the NES gave birth to many lifetime video game fans. Even though 3D Mario games have their die-hard supporters, Nintendo finally realized that gamers still want more 2D Mario adventures when they released New Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo DS. With it’s success both critically and financially, Nintendo decided to continue their support by releasing another new 2D Mario adventure for the Nintendo Wii.

For the first time ever in a 2D Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. Wii will feature 4-player simultaneous multiplayer – no more playing in turns. Players can work together to run, hop, and stomp their way to victory, or they can sabotage one another and greedily steal coins by pushing each other off cliffs or jumping on each others’ heads. The multiplayer is just an extra bonus, however, as this 2D platformer recreates the old Mario games into an entirely new experience that makes for a great single-player experience as well.

Dead Space Extraction on Nintendo Wii. It was released on 24th September 2009

Dead Space offered an intense survival-horror experience on the Xbox 360, and even though Dead Space: Extraction is merely an “On the Rails” lightgun game port for the Wii, much care was taken to ensure that Extraction kept many of the same thrills as it’s third-person counterpart on the 360.

Wii gamers still must harness the unique “strategic dismemberment” gameplay in Extraction by using many of the same weapons as the original thriller, with favorites such as the Flamethrower and Line Gun. The enemies take little damage from head or body shots, requiring players to aim precisely to take out limbs.

The atmosphere and audio effects of Dead Space offers one of the most terrifying video game experiences in years. And, while the third-person perspective works better for survival-horror, this on-the-rails shooter for the Nintendo Wii still retains the creepy atmosphere and terrifying audio effects. As an added bonus, a second player can join the game at any time without forcing the player to restart the level or navigate through menus.

Fans of shooters, gore, and horror games will enjoy Dead Space: Extraction.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on Nintendo Wii. It was released on 8th December 2009

While it may be disappointing that the remake of a definitive survival-horror game did not release in time for Halloween, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will still offer a mature-rated thrill for patient gamers coming December 2009.

In a way, Shattered Memories is both a revisit and an entire overhaul of the original Silent Hill game. It will feature unique, Wii-based motion and pointing to make for a more involving gameplay experience.

Shattered Memories will also offer players a unique experience every time with a game engine that keeps track of how the player treats other characters, and how the player reacts to the game. This system will offer a more dynamic, changing game world with multiple story endings for replayability.

Punch Out! and The Conduit on Nintendo Wii. It was released on 19th May and 22nd June 2009

Punch Out! offers a loyal recreation of the old-school arcade boxing games by the same name. Even though it only features a few new characters, meaning that most opponents were stars from previous Punch Out titles, it still manages to create a fresh experience by fleshing out each character, and using some truly great graphics and animation to build character.

And The Conduit offers one of a very few genuinely enjoyable first-person-shooters (FPS) on the Nintendo Wii. It’s a Sci-Fi shooter with bug-like aliens and a large variety of unique weapons. The single-player story is both challenging and rewarding, and the online multiplayer offers long-lasting, addictive competition.


Guy gamers who appreciate mature titles will likely enjoy Dead Space Extraction or Silent Hill: Shattered Memories the most. For those who like 2D games, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Muramasa: Demon Blade would make for excellent Christmas gifts. And, guys who like playing with friends or playing online multiplayer should enjoy New Super Mario Bros Wii and The Conduit.