Creative Mother’s Day gift ideas and tips

You know she’s going to get flowers. So why not send something new? Be creative this year and give a gift that is memorable and thoughtful to the mother in your life. Whether she’s your own mother, stepmother, grandmother, a new mother celebrating her first Mother’s Day or just someone who fills the ‘mom’ role in your life, here are some ideas to get you started in choosing a unique, creative Mother’s Day gift.

Creative Mother's Day gift ideas and tips

Picture This

Every mother loves pictures of her children. If you collect photos of her children, you can go to any pharmacy or photo shop that does scanning and recreate her photos into matching sized black and white pictures – add inexpensive matching frames in the same size, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Online photo sites like Kodak and Shutterfly offer tons of great ideas for ways to reproduce photos – from mugs and tote bags to albums and coasters. This is a fun idea if you have a single photo she loves.

Coupon Books for Mom

If there is one gift a mother always remembers, it’s a coupon book made for her with love. Simply created with construction paper and scrapbooking supplies like decorative scissors and pretty stickers can combine to make a beautiful keepsake coupon book. Coupons can be ‘good for’ things like a night at the movies, a manicure, a laundry-free day, breakfast in bed, free babysitting, or a cleaning lady for a day! Kids of all ages can create a special coupon for their appreciative moms!

Handmade Treasures

Especially if a mom has younger kids, something created using the handprints or footprints of her children is a gift any mother would treasure for years to come. Local pottery painting studios have plates that can be customized with handprints, footprints with names and dates as well. Or, you could simply use a piece of poster board to make a ‘garden’ where the flowers are her kids’ handprints.

More Mother’s Day Ideas

Personalized notecards, a gift certificate to her favorite book shop or café, car detailing, a vintage piece of jewelry, or a mother’s ring with her childrens’ birthstones are other fun ideas that are sure to be appreciated! Sometimes the best and most thoughtful gift to a mom is sleep. And finally – if you are looking to splurge, a night at a bed and breakfast BY HERSELF has to absolutely be the ultimate gift for a tired, overworked mom who rarely gets a day off.

Mother’s Day Gifts on a Budget

When money is tight, it doesn’t mean you want to appreciate the moms in your life any less. Goodness knows, moms deserve special treatment on Mother’s Day! They have surely earned it. So whether it is your own mom, a grandmother, or a friend who has become a mother for the first time, here are some inexpensive ways to celebrate mother’s day without breaking the bank.

Give Mom Your Time

There is nothing material that is appreciated by a mother more than her child spending time with her. Instead of (or in addition to!) shopping online, why not visit mom and take her to a movie, a garden tour, shopping, or something she’d appreciate doing? Enjoying one of her favorite activities with her is a fantastic way to show how much you care about her.

Personalized Mother’s Day

There are so many inexpensive personalized gifts you can choose for a new or veteran mom. Whether it is a custom engraved photo frame, t-shirt, mug, bracelet charm, or even a handmade collage, there are tons of choices when it comes to personalization, and none of these items cost much money. Many websites are dedicated to creating easy, budget friendly personalized items for mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The Kind of Flowers That Keep On Giving

If the traditional bouquet of flowers seems to cliche for you, consider visiting a garden center and choosing some perennial (versus annual, which die after only one year) plants to give mom. An azalea, hydrangea, or rhododendron bush, for example, is something she can plant that will come up every year and remind her of the thoughtful gift. Of course, planting it with her or for her would also be a nice touch to add to the gift! A perennial bush isn’t very expensive- cheaper than a bouquet of cut flowers!
A Lovely Meal for Mom

Whether or not you are a gourmet fan, there has to be some way you can come up with a nice meal for the special mom in your life. Breakfast in bed or a nice Sunday brunch on Mother’s Day is such a special meal that will be remembered for years to come. Think about what foods she likes best, and try to put together a simple yet elegant menu for mom. She will love it, and it doesn’t cost a lot!

Mother’s Day is very special. Becoming a mother changes one’s life forever, and this special event should be commemorated, which doesn’t need to be done by spending lost of money. Only lots of love!