Dragon Age: Tips and tricks to defeat the Demonspawn

Amid the lockdown due to prevention from coronavirus many are having the best time at home with gadgets. Many gamers are at the best on their couch playing games. Here we will discuss tips and tricks on how to defeat the Demonspawn in the Dragon Age. It is based on the many expansions and downloadable content of the game which are included in the Ultimate Edition.

Dragon Age: Tips and tricks to defeat the Demonspawn

Quick Recap of Storyline in the Dragon Age

Dragon Age: Origins follows your character as you join the legendary group known as the Gray Wardens. The Gray Wardens are a group of warriors tasked with defending the world from Demonspawn or monsters that have appeared periodically in the past and attempted to conquer the world. Early in the game, most of the Gray Wardens are wiped out through treachery and betrayal and you are left to pick up the pieces and attempt to unite the different races and countries to fight against the Demonspawn threat. You will find many different companions with different abilities and personalities throughout your journey. Dragon Age has a lot of replay value as the storyline isn’t completely linear, and there are many options when it comes to organizing your group of adventurers.

Organizing Your Group

One of the first points you’ll notice as you get a little ways into the game is you are restricted on the size of your group. You can only bring a total of four members of your party with you as you traverse the game. There are three main character types in Dragon Age which include a fighter, mage, and rogue class. This is somewhat limited in comparison to some other role playing games, but there is a lot of granularity to the class structure in Dragon Age. No two characters of any class are quite the same, and by controlling how they level up, you can actually make them drastically different. For example, in the fighter class, you can focus your character on doing damage or being able to handle a lot of damage, while in the mage class you can focus on area effect spells, damaging spells, or healing. The rogue class can focus on backstabbing or setting traps. Inside of each of these three classes, there are a multitude of specialization classes as well that will help you guide each character in a specific direction. We’re not going to get into all the specializations or what choices to make when it comes to your characters, but if you want any more information about classes and specializations, you can read more at the Dragon Age Wiki.

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One thing to keep in mind when forming your group is to not to have it overloaded with too many of one class of character. So, in other words, don’t try to form a group solely of fighters, mages, or rogues. You may be able to handle a great many of the battles in the game this way, but then, you’ll run into a group of enemies that is nearly impossible to defeat with this kind of group. Some out there may take this as a challenge to beat the entire game while focusing on a specific character type and as such, good luck. For everyone else out there, I recommend the following: a high hit point fighter that can absorb as much damage as possible and outfitted usually with the best armor available. Next, I recommend a mage character class focused on either high damage spells or area effect spells for slowing down or stopping your enemies. Next, I recommend having a rogue character class to specialize in traps and stealth so you can control the battlefield. As to the fourth character, that is entirely up to you but it might work for you to have another warrior that focuses on damage and healing to keep the rest of your group up and going.

Know the Battlefield and Control it in Dragon Age

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One of the first things to learn while playing Dragon Age is to save and save often. The autosave system built into Dragon Age isn’t the most useful, and if you perish and you haven’t managed your save games yourself, there is a good chance you’ll need to cover quite a bit of the same ground over again. By saving often, it will enable you to scout out battles and then reload so you can manipulate the upcoming battle. Basically, by knowing what you’re getting into, you can use your rogue to plant traps and your mage to toss some spells as well. Then, use your high hit point fighter to draw and distract the enemies as your other characters finish off your enemies one by one then rinse and repeat. Keep in mind that you can pause the game at any time to plan out your next move and honestly it can be extremely helpful in staying alive.