Energy healing techniques – energy therapy for cats

What is Energy Healing Techniques for Cats?

Many pet parents are now seeking out the help of energy therapists to help with health problems with their cats. Energy healing techniques expert helps balance your pet’s energy field in order to promote healing. It is performed when a practitioner places her hands on the animal and uses visualization methods and focus to channel healing energy into and your pet. Energy Therapy can also be done via distance. There are energy healing techniques for this too.

Though there are many different names for the many different types of energy healing techniques, the most common method begins with Reiki. Reiki is not religiously connected and is performed by people of all belief systems and walks of life, their common thread being a desire to help others heal.

Where Do You Find a Pet Energy Therapist?

If you are interested in energy therapies for your pet, you can:

Go to an experienced practitioner
Have an experienced practitioner send distance healing
Become trained and receive a certificate for different systems of energy therapies
Or, simply learn how to focus the energy yourself and treat your cat at home. This option is especially good for cat owners because most cats aren’t fond of being handled by strangers.

Do Cats Respond Well to Energy Therapy?

Energy healing techniques

Cats can be exceptionally sensitive to changes in their energy fields! While some enjoy the warm sensation that comes from the therapists (or your) hands, others become skittish and are resistant to being held and treated. In these cases, you or your chosen therapist can work with the cat via distance. In general, however, most animals enjoy the flow of healing energy and respond very well to it.

What is Energy Therapy Used For?

Energy therapies are never meant to replace your vet’s medical treatment, procedures, medications, or advice. They do, however, naturally complement whatever treatment program your vet has prescribed. This therapy can be used any time your cat could use a little extra healing or just some positive energy. Many people treat themselves and their pets every day.

Is Energy Therapy Safe for My Cat?

Energy therapy is perfectly safe and harmless to all pets! There is no harm that can come to you or your pet by practicing energy therapy.

How Can I Learn to Perform Energy Therapy

The healing energy that is used in energy therapy is part of every living thing. It surrounds us in the very air we breathe. We all know that we are made up of energy. So, anyone who wishes to can use this energy for healing purposes.

Here are the basic steps to begin using energy therapies:

Take a deep breath
Close your eyes
Begin rubbing your hands together briskly, creating a warmth and tingling
Continue rubbing your hands together while saying a little prayer asking that your pet receive healing energy
Place your hands on your cat
Visualize (imagine) that a beautiful, warm, green healing light is flowing from your hands into your cat
Focus all your love for your cat into the energy flow
Keep doing this for about 10 minutes on average, more if your pet is seriously ill
If you need to send this energy via distance, you can sit quietly somewhere, follow the same basic steps, except instead of holding your cat, you can either hold a stuffed animal, or sit with your palms facing up in your lap and visualize the same green healing energy flowing to your cat.

energy therapy for cats

More on Visualization

The more creative and full your visualization is, the stronger the energy therapy will be. Imagine yourself holding and loving your cat. Imagine them becoming healthier than they’ve ever been before. And don’t worry if you aren’t seeing images when you are working on visualization. Visualization should be relaxed and comforting, like daydreaming. The feeling you get when thinking about how much you love your cat and want them to heal is as strong as seeing clear images in your mind.

Practicing Energy Therapy for Cats

Energy Therapy sessions are a wonderful sharing experience for you and your feline friend. As you begin practicing, work for 10 to 20 minutes each day on your pet. Practice visualization and focus on the warmth you feel in your hands. The more you practice, the stronger the energy flow will be each time.

Remember, never use this tool in the place of your veterinarian’s treatment plan, but when used in conjunction with your vet’s energy healing techniques, you can see amazing results!