Expert auto repair and car insurance

Expert auto repair – Auto insurance agencies, when paying for expert auto repair after a car is damaged, may at times opt to purchase parts from a company or manufacturer other than the vehicle’s manufacturer when such parts cost less. Insurance companies guarantee that the replacement parts which are not by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will work just as well as, or better than their counterparts from the car’s manufacturer when they use replacement parts from other companies. Following is a description of how the practice of purchasing competitive auto certified auto repair parts works, and why it is beneficial to both the insured and the insurer.

Expert auto repair and car insurance

Competitive Expert Auto Repair Parts and Car Insurance

Following a covered car’s being damaged, auto insurance companies will set about finding the most affordable way to repair the car without sacrificing quality of the replacement parts. Although the vehicle’s manufacturer often has the best prices on replacement parts, sometimes other companies sell parts (non-OEM parts), that are of at least the same quality for less. In such cases, insurance companies will opt to go with the manufacturer that, though not the maker of the car being repaired, sells parts for less.

Competitive Expert Auto Repair Parts and the Insured

The driver whose car is covered by an insurer who elects to purchase parts from a manufacturer other than the maker of the car also benefits. When auto insurance agencies do this, it is because money is saved, and when money is saved by the insurance provider, the overall cost for certified auto repair following a claim is less, and the at-fault driver presents less of a burden on his or her insurer. This means that rates will not spike as much as they would for the at-fault driver, because the auto insurance agency was able to save. If the insurance agency had not purchased cheaper certified auto repair parts that may have been available following an accident, but had instead bought parts from the damaged car’s manufacturer for more, it would have spent more covering the at-fault driver, and that driver’s rates would increase more.

Big Picture Advantage of Car Insurance Companies Using Competitive Expert Auto Repair Parts

When car insurance companies do what saves them money, without compromising quality of the replacement parts, both agency and client are helped out. Clients of agencies that are able to repair cars for less likely do not see rates spike as high as they would if agencies paid more, but another, big picture advantage helps out both the insured and the insurer. When agencies are able to save often, they are able to offer lower rates, and extend advantages and benefits to clients on a large scale. Policies such as accident forgiveness, and safe driver discounts would not be possible if agencies spent even slightly more for expert auto repair parts each time that an auto was damaged, which likely they would if car insurance companies only purchased certified auto repair parts from a car’s OEM.

Expert auto repair

Although the use of non-OEM replacement parts has been controversial, it is certainly a worthwhile practice when competitive auto repair parts from outside companies are not of lesser quality than those from the original manufacturer. Money is saved by both the insured and the insurer when damaged vehicles are repaired for less.

Auto Insurance for Senior Citizens

Even though experienced drivers in their 50s maybe considered among the safest drivers on the road, as people age past that point, car insurance costs tend to rise. Following are some tips to save money on auto insurance for senior citizens.

Number One Way to Save on Car Insurance of Any Type for Anyone

Auto insurance for senior citizens is often significantly more expensive than it is for drivers who are even just a little bit younger. This is because car insurance agencies anticipate higher rates of accidents and claims from aging drivers, and to make up for their potential loss based on that, higher monthly premium rates for coverage are charged. However, raising the value of the deductible will directly lower monthly rates, because doing so means that the provider is responsible for less upon a claim, and the driver will cover more. Rates for car insurance coverage for senior citizens thus decrease, as they do for any drivers, including teen drivers, when deductibles are raised.

Senior Citizen Auto Insurance Discounts for Large Policy

Another way to save on car insurance coverage is to insure multiple entities with a single insurance agency. Covering more than one car, or a home, boat, or any other insurable entity in addition to a car with the same company under the same policy almost always qualifies a policy holder for discounts. Communicating with different agencies to find out the best ways to save by qualifying for multiple policy discounts is best to find out how much can be saved with different companies.

Drop Extra Coverages that Can Increase the Cost of Car Insurance Rates

certified auto repair

Extra auto insurance coverages, such as collision and comprehensive coverages are optional, but they contribute to the cost of monthly premium rates. For senior citizens, these optional insurances are more costly, raising the premium rates higher than they would for most drivers of other age groups, because agencies anticipate higher rates of claims from aging drivers. But anyone trying to lower costs for coverage should consider dropping these coverages, especially if insuring a low valued car, and senior citizens can really save money on car insurance by foregoing collision and comprehensive insurance.

Save on Auto Insurance for Senior Citizens: a Straightforward Tactic

Maintaining a great driving record is the best way to prevent rates from rising too high. Auto insurance providers fear poor driving from aging drivers, and that is why they raise rates, so keeping a clean record is a basic way to keep the cost of car insurance coverage from spiking.

There are some insurance agencies and organizations that cater to the needs of senior citizens, such as the AARP. Often the lowest rates for car insurance for aging driver will come from AARP or AAA, so contacting them can really help senior citizens find ways to save money on insurance.