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Facebook’s new reactions – A set of 6 emojis soon be seen

Chat and conversations on social media are incomplete without emojis. Facebook’s new set of emojis called the ‘Reactions’ are now the animated version of emojis, which is nothing new. Over years many chat engines like Yahoo chat have used animated emojis. Since, Facebook has been keeping all features and layout of Facebook, crisp and simpatico; these emojis are only an additional feature, receiving mixed reactions. Facebook has a very long list of emoticons apart from smileys.

Facebook new reaction

It is said that Facebook has done this so that users can easily get accustomed to this new feature. Facebook thinks that, since these features have already been existent, the users will find it easy to get accustomed to the new Facebook reactions. The only glitch here is that, mobile users find it time consuming to navigate through Facebook’s new reactions and using them, because it is not a quick task to use animated reactions. Facebook users have found it easier to use stickers and other emoticons.

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The reason Facebook has come up with this economical options of only presenting six to seven Facebook reactions that have short hand text embedded, is that, they have covered the widest range of common emotions in a single row. They have not elaborated this set to other emotions keeping this set of reactions compact. Most of these animated expressions generate a vibe while communicating. Since, this is a compact palette of emotions, many users are asking for more reactions related to sarcasm, curious, and many such reactions of human nature.

The only goal of Facebook to create this range of reactions is to keep this social platform positive. They are not delving into creating more elaborate, animated emoticons. Emoticons are a powerful way to express on social media. However, Facebook has limited these emotions only to a few human sentiments instead of covering a broad range of sentiments, as they want to keep the user experience of empathizing positive.

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Positive events generate greater motivational experience for other users too. This is the reason Facebook is keen on generating positive vibes on Facebook through these new reactions. These new reactions are going to affect the news feeds on Facebook the most. User’s reactions will be analyzed through the number of reactions received. The news feed that generates positive reactions will be displayed on the news feed of the user’s page. Facebook is using these new reactions to collect data about news that generates positive and negative reactions, so that they can display feeds with positive reactions.

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Facebook has not yet spoken about why they have specifically created these reactions, and say that it is only in a test phase. Facebook wants their emojis to be elegant and nice looking. This creates a pleasant experience in the user’s mind. There is social behavior pattern and social psychology involved in creating the new Facebook reactions. It is still debatable as to why Facebook is pushing users to use these reactions to assert positivity. The short hand has been added to the new reactions because those were the maximum number of words used in the comments.