Fishing kayak with motor in Puerto Rico

An Exciting Day of Sport Fishing Kayak with Motor

An early morning start still doesn’t guarantee success but with the hunting spirits high, the small fleet of sport fishing kayak with motor sail from Gran Canaria’s harbours and out to the open seas. An hour of navigation and the best spots for sport fishing kayak with motor in the Canary Islands are easily reached.

Fishing kayak with motor in Puerto Rico

Onboard the Boat

The day’s trip sets off at around nine thirty in the morning, while there may still be a chill in the air at this hour the anticipation of the days sport ahead outweighs any discomfort. All of Puerto Rico’s fishing kayak with motor are well equipped with the adequate rods and baits, sandwiches, and of course, the essential can of beer.

The Summer Run of Blue Marlin

The months of June to September are when the most action can be seen and the big Blue Marlin is out there in the great blue Atlantic Ocean just waiting to be caught. The marlin is the most exciting fish to hook, its amazing strength and intelligence puts to the test even the best and most experienced of fishermen. There’s always the opportunity to hook maybe an odd stray shark or some good sized tuna to soften the blow if the big one doesn’t bite.

Record Breaking Catches

With an above average chance of landing a record breaker in the Canaries, sport fishing is very popular and if planning fishing activities during a trip then it is better to prebook. The most professional services are offered by well experienced crews on the Cavalier which sails from Puerto Base in Puerto Rico and the Lucky Ruby G that moors in Puerto Mogán. But still not an easy catch, as the marlin are strong fish and prone to escape, and they frequently do.

Tag and Release

With ever increasing awareness of the ecological danger of removing these wonderful creatures from the sea and damaging the environmental food chain, most boats in the south of Gran Canaria now operate under the Tag and Release scheme. Each individual catch is recorded for size and weight, and then the specimen is tagged and released back into wild.

Fishing Kayak with Motor in the Winter Months

Fishing kayak with motor

The winter months in the Canaries see the trend changing and the focus is on bottom fishing. The expectant sportsman reels in his dreams and hopes for a smaller catch. The main species of fish to be caught out in the Atlantic waters from Puerto Rico in the months from October to April are the more common tuna, sting rays and moray eels.

Returning to Safe Harbours

The boats cruise back into the harbour at three thirty in the afternoon and it’s a popular pastime for the crowds to watch as they unload the days varied catches. The custom of flying a flag from the boat’s mast indicates to the people waiting on the quayside the size and the type of fish caught that day. It’s a sad boat crew that returns empty handed without a fishy tale to tell.

Four Varieties of Great Lakes Vacations

After a long wait the best season of the year is finally here, and every mile of Great Lakes coastline is celebrating it.

This scenic region of North America includes 95,000 square miles of surface water. The five freshwater lakes form most of the southern boundary of the wide province of Ontario, and lake waters lap at the edges of eight U. S. states.

The 10,000 miles of coastline offer thousands of vacation destinations, and each shares these characteristics: vistas over an ocean-like expanse of water, excellent sunsets, beach life, and boating. But each destination also boasts unique charms.

Here is a look at four iconic Great Lakes vacation spots:

Cedar Point, near Sandusky, Ohio, on Lake Erie
Isle Royal National Park in Lake Superior
Mackinac Island, where Lakes Michigan and Huron flow together, and
Door County, Wisconsin, a peninsula surrounded by Lake Michigan waters.
These popular destinations will satisfy four distinct ideas of what a vacation should be.

Enjoy an Amusement Park Vacation at Cedar Point

Fishing kayak with motor

Cedar Point on Lake Erie is a well-known destination for thrill ride adventurers. If the 420-foot high, 120 miles-per-hour Top Thrill Dragster, doesn’t satisfy every need of the roller coaster adventure-seeker, a day and night riding as many as possible of the park’s 68 other thrill rides surely will.

The rides at Cedar Point aren’t for everyone – just the majority of the 3,000,000 visitors who come every year. Some though, probably come along to be good sports for family and friends who thrive on this kind of adventure. These guests will also find plenty to like about this beautiful location, including:

A stunning mile-long beach
Live entertainment
A wide variety of restaurants
Four hotels, including one indoor water park resort
A camper village, and
One of the largest marinas on the Great Lakes

Cedar Point has been delighting the public since the first excursioners arrived at the new public bathing beach in 1870. The park opened its first roller coaster, The Switchback Railway, (25 feet high, able to reach a spead of 10 mph), in 1892, and its future was secured.

Head for the Wilderness of Isle Royale

Now for something completely different: an unforgettable backcountry experience in a moose and wolf-inhabited island wilderness. This is the kind of vacation associated more with the mountain west than the upper midwest.

Yet Isle Royal National Park is almost as accessible as any other Great Lakes destination. It is a bit more remote, but getting there is part of the fun. There will be the ferry ride across Lake Superior – 3 to 6 hours depending on which of the three ferries are used. Two leave from the lovely Keweenaw Peninsula in Upper Michigan, and a third from Grand Portage, MN.

There are no roads on the island, Once there, visitors can stay at Rock Harbor Lodge, a motel-style building at water’s edge. Or they can head out into the back country. Hiking the length of the island on the Greenstone Ridge Trail – with views of the island’s rugged shoreline and pristine lakes – can take up to 5 days to complete. There are six designated camping sites spaced along the trail.

Return to the Victorian Era on Historic Mackinac Island

Like Isle Royale, getting to Mackinac Island requires a ferry ride, and no cars are ever allowed onto the island. There the similarities end.

While civilization remains far away from Isle Royal, life on Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) returns the visitor to horse and buggy days. Even so, the pace in this living Victorian village is bustling, with horses, carriages and bicycles competing with pedestrians for the right of way. A slower pace can be found outside the village, where most of the island is designated a Michigan State Park.

The island sits like a small, but powerful sentinel in the Straits of Mackinac between Upper and Lower Michigan. It has figured prominently in the history of the region from the time of native peoples, through the European explorers, the fur traders, up to Victorian times, which gave the island its renowned Grand Hotel and dozens of Victorian style summer homes on the bluff.

Door County Peninsula

The Door County Peninsula, jutting north eastward into Lake Michigan, boasts a rugged shoreline with bays and hidden harbors – an invitation to all kinds of boaters, kayakers and canoeists. Inland the back roads beckon cyclists.

The five state parks in the county offer a variety of campground experiences, including primitive camping. The numerous small communities throughout the peninsula offer abundant lodging and dining opportunities for the many who come here to enjoy the art and music festivals.

The list of Door County pleasures is a long one. Two to highlight are its tradition of fishboils, and its cherry orchards with adjacent farm markets offering homemade cherry pies to take home.