Free games and puzzles this New Year

Celebrate the New Year with the following child-friendly and kid-safe brain games and puzzles listed below. From animated jigsaw puzzles and tic-tac-toe to word search games, kids will be entertained for many hours with these non-violent, family-friendly activities.

Free games and puzzles this New Year

Jigsaw Puzzles

Activity Village New Years Jigsaws – ActivityVillage offers 7 downloadable New Years Jigsaw puzzles with varying difficulty levels. These small downloads are available by right-clicking on the desired puzzle and saving to the user’s computer hard drive. An excellent resource for puzzles.
Apples 4 The Teacher New Years Day Jigsaw Puzzles – 3 different animated online jigsaw puzzles are available at Apples 4 The Teacher. All offer a choice of easy, medium or hard difficulty levels. Complete the puzzles for an animated surprise!
The Kidz Page New Year Snowman – This cute online puzzle from TheKidzPage offers a choice of 6, 12, 25 or 40 pieces. Shape and picture hints are available.
Jigzone Happy New Year Jigsaw Puzzle – This online New Year puzzle from Jigzone is timed. Choose from 6 puzzle pieces up to 247 different shaped pieces for a variety of difficulty levels.
Billy Bear 4 Kids New Year Jigsaw – Put the 24-piece puzzle back together by sliding puzzle pieces onto the board. Complete image is faintly displayed.

Slider Puzzles

Apples 4 The Teacher New Years Scramblers – 2 different scrambler puzzles are available in this fun interactive brain-teaser from Apples4TheTeacher. To play, the user must slide the scrambled pieces back into proper position to complete the image before time runs out. Macromedia Flash Player is required (free download).
Black Dog 4 Kids Holiday New Year’s Slide Puzzle – How many clicks does it take to slide the scrambled puzzle pieces back together to see the completed image?
Primary Games New Years Drag and Drop Puzzle – This slider puzzle from PrimaryGames is all jumbled up. Slide the mixed-up pieces back together to win. Java is required (free download).

Word Puzzles

Activity Village Welcome 2019 Puzzle – See how many times is 2008 listed in this word search printable puzzle from ActivityVillage. Adobe Acrobat required.
Squiglys Playhouse New Years Scramble – Unscramble the mixed words by typing the correct holiday term in the box from SquiglysPlayhouse.
Primary Games Holidays New Year’s Day Word Search – Find the scrambled words from the list provided, in this online word search game from PrimaryGames. Click on the first letter of the word, and drag to the end of the word. Words from the list are deleted once the jumbled word is located. Java required.
Apples 4 The Teacher New Years Word Search – To play this interactive game, find all the jumbled words before time runs out. Words are hidden diagonally, horizontally, backwards and vertically. To play, find the hidden word from the list provided, click on the first letter and drag mouse to the end of the word. Macromedia Flash plugin is required (free download). Click on printer icon to print.
Black Dog 4 Kids New Year Word Search – Find the New Year’s words in another online word search game from BlackDog4Kids.

Word Puzzles:

Miscellaneous Games

Squiglys PlayHouse Gold Miner Holiday Haul – Although this game is not a puzzle, it is a thinking game. It is such a fun holiday game, even adults will want to play! Help the Gold Miner grab the gifts before time runs out. Although Santa is included in this game, this game is so addicting it should be played year ’round. Entertain children for hours, with the above online brain games and puzzles.
Black Dog 4 Kids Happy New Year Match Game – Find the matching cards to reveal a hidden message. For younger players. Java required (free download).
Black Dog 4 Kids New Year’s Tic-Tac-Toe – Play against the computer in this fun little tic-tac-toe game from BlackDog4Kids.
Start a New Year’s tradition, by including children in the holiday festivities with free fun-filled and child-friendly brain games.

Christmas Brain-Games and Mazes

From mazes and word search games to tic-tac-toe and Christmas concentration, these online and offline holiday activities will be party favorites with children of all ages for years to come. Some activities can be printed and played offline.

Brain Games

A Kids Math Christmas Tree Light Up Puzzle – This online game from AKidsMath is far more difficult than it looks and very addicting. To play, light up the Christmas tree by connecting all the wires and lights. A definite family favorite.
BillyBear4Kids Christmas Maze Game – This Christmas Maze is a real winner. Help the Reindeer get to Santa without touching any obstacles along the way and before time runs out. Fun for the entire family. Java is required.
DLTK-Holidays Christmas Concentration Memory Game – This Christmas Concentration game from DLTK-Holidays is sure to be a big hit for the entire family. Play against the computer or two, three or four players.
Billy Bear 4 Kids Christmas Drag and Drop Tic-Tac-Toe – This is a simple game from BillyBear4Kids with no bells-and-whistles. Drag the pieces onto the tic-tac-toe grid. Play against yourself or with a partner.
DLTK-Holidays Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe – Play against the computer in this simple Tic-Tac-Toe game from DLTK-Holidays. Java is required.
Kids Turn Central Concentration Christmas Balls – A straight-forward memory-tester game from KidsTurnCentral. Find the matching Christmas balls to win. Good for younger children.

Word Games

Word games

DLTK-Holidays Christmas Word Search – Find the holiday words in the scrambled up letters in this game from To play, locate a word from the listing, circle the word by clicking on the first letter and dragging mouse to the last letter. Requires Java.
Bethany Roberts Angel’s Christmas Word Puzzle – Solve the Christmas words within 60 seconds in this online puzzle from BethanyRoberts.
Apples 4 The Teacher Christmas Fun Word Search – Locate all the Christmas word in the list before times runs out. This word search game from Apples4TheTeacher requires Macromedia Flash. Also includes a printable version.
Alphabet-Soup Christmas Concentration – Another online memory game from Alphabet-soup. Requires a Java-enabled browser.
Apples 4 The Teacher Christian Christmas Word Search – Locate all 15 Christian words before the timer runs out in this game from Apples4TheTeacher. Requires Macromedia Flash (free download). Also includes a printable version.


DLTK-Holidays Printable Crosswords – Several options are included in this holiday activity from Choice of color or black and white templates, and picture or word crosswords with or without answer keys. Follow specific printing directions.
DLTK-Holidays Christmas Mazes – offers a variety of maze choices with varying difficulty levels. Choice of color or black and white mazes. Follow printing directions.
Kids Turn Central Where are the Holiday Cakes? – Find all the hidden holiday items in this printable project from KidsTurnCentral.
DLTK-Holidays Christmas Word Search – 4 different Christmas word search games are available at with varying difficulty levels. Follow specific printing directions.
BlackDog Print and Play Christmas Word Search Games – 32 printable word search games are available at BlackDog. Print one, or print them all.