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Old 90s games – The 1990s were the booming years for the retro games online industry. The best retro games online were developed as the Internet and computer era gained recognition and popularity. Classic gaming is still popular for people who remember some of the hits during the 90s, the grand old 90s games – Myst, Doom, Quake, Descent and Duke Nukem. These are a few of the games that are now freely available. A retro games online enthusiast can download these DOS games to a computer from several websites.

Download the best retro old 90s games

Myst – The Best Retro Games Online for People who Love Puzzles

Myst was known as one of the best retro games online with the best graphics for its time. When Myst was released, video gamers were in awe of the graphics, which are outdated and bland compared to current graphics. Myst started as a man who left a trail for the gamer. The trail of clues included puzzles to unlock doors, devices and other areas of the world. Myst was popular amongst video gamers, and it still persists as one of the leading games for role playing. Myst went on to have several series of games up until its fifth version. This retro video game is a must-have.

Doom – The Original First Person Shooter

Doom came after a lesser known game called Castle Wolfenstein. Castle Wolfenstein was originally distributed in the 1980s, but it was released again in 3D for MS DOS in the early 1990s. Doom was developed shortly after, and it became one of the most popular first person shooters. The retro video game featured a marine who is sent to Mars on a mission to protect Earth from alien infestation. The player fights through aliens from board-to-board for nine levels. For any gamer who enjoys classic gaming, Doom should be on the list of MS DOS games.

Quake – Retro Games Online First Shooter with Multiplayer Capabilities

Quake is also a first shooter classic DOS game, but it has persisted into the 2000s and continues to have new versions. Quake took Doom a step further and created a multiplayer platform. Users who have networked machines can play against each other in an all-out killing match or capture the flag. Quake improved the multiplayer game by creating Quake server software and developing Quake Online. Players are able to use the retro video game to battle other people from all over the world.

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These classic video games are still available. Some of them are now over 15 years old. Some of these games are available on 3.5 floppy disks, but if you have a copy of the game already, you can download it freely. Ensure you have a legal copy before downloading any video game online.

Where to Buy Retro Games Online

The first and most important direction to point any prospective video game consumer or hobbyist is to direct them toward the well-regarded website Cheapassgame.

Cheapassgamer, updated daily with numerous deals that apply to U.S. Residents as well as international customers, is an excellent site that features extremely appealing deals at a margin of the MSRP of the game or console being offered.

Amazon, Chapters, and Gamefly – Free Shipping and New / Used Games

Amazon and Chapters are both excellent places to begin a search for any particular modern video game, especially given that the list price can often be much lower than a traditional brick-and-mortar big box department store. Further, Amazon and Chapters both offer free shipping to customers who exceed a $39 order, which can be achieved easily with the purchase of a single new game in many cases.

Selection is also extremely broad at both Amazon and Chapters, allowing for gamers and their loving relatives to easily find nearly any title that they might be looking for. Always, as a rule, keep abreast of the category specific deals that might relate to what you are purchasing.

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Gamefly is a unique alternative to the above options, in that all the games that they sell are pre-owned, or ex-rental (though this rarely compromises the playability or quality of the disc, since Gamefly offers a very comprehensive warranty / return policy). Games purchases from Gamefly are typically between half and one-third the cost of a new, unopened retail game – making it an excellent solution for bargain hunters.

Ebay, Half, and Overstock – Auctions and Discount Retailers

Ebay really needs no introduction – and is likely the best place to look (other than game or console specific collector’s forums such as Digital Press and CGCC) for out-of-print or vintage video games. Due to the fact that older games are no longer sold through traditional retail outlets, Ebay solves this problem by providing a global marketplace. Beware, however, of unscrupulous sellers and exorbitant shipping fees to offset what looks like a steal of a deal!

Half (operated by Ebay) and Overstock website (which has been advertising heavily on television as of late) are both excellent discount retailers to comparison shop against. While it is rare that either site will offer deals that are significantly less expensive than Amazon, Chapters, or Ebay – there are instances where specific offers will make the search worth your while.

Local Classifieds, Offered Digitally – Kijiji and Craigslist

Kijiji and Craigslist are essentially the digital version of your local print classifieds, though much more accessible and aesthetically pleasing! After selecting your city of residence, the site will allow you to browse or search through an ocean of new and used items offered for sale by individuals, rather than businesses.

Looking to sell a few old games and make a bit of money (and likely more than you’d get in trade via GameStop or EB Games)? Simply list your own items – account creation is free and listings are easy to make.

Kijiji and Craigslist are excellent places to search for vintage games as well, so it may be an idea to look there before searching Ebay in order to evade shipping charges, shady sellers, and other fees and nuisances.

Finding that game that you’ve always been looking for – and at the perfect price – is a great feeling and an exciting experience. Good luck, and happy hunting!