Give the gift of best inflatable fishing kayak safety for Christmas

Best inflatable fishing kayak safety gifts – Since Christmas comes only once a year, why not give a gift to your favorite kayakar that will go on to protect them throughout the entire year. A gift of inflatable fishing kayak safety may not be the least expensive gift under the tree, but it will certainly hold the potential for the greatest value one can receive, a safer kayaking experience. The following are just a few suggestions that any kayakar would truly appreciate this Christmas.

Give the gift of best inflatable fishing kayak safety for Christmas

Mustang Survival Systems MC 1524 Integrity Flotation Coat

In Alaska, a “Mustang Coat” is synonymous with lifejacket. The Integrity Floatation Coat is a product that can be worn while hunting, kayaking, fishing and working outdoors that keeps its wearer warm and comfortable. It features a fleece-lined collar, comfortable cuffs, ventilation for warmer weather, and a cut that doesn’t interfere with activities. The fact that it is a Coast Guard approved floatation device is just a great additional safety benefit. Mustang Survival Systems produces versions of the coat that meet either Canadian or United States safety requirements and they cost about $230. The Integrity product line includes some additional projects, a bomber jacket, vest, waist pant, bib pant, and suit.

America’s Boating Course (ABC)

America’s Boating Course is one of the best inflatable fishing kayak safety courses approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators and recognized in most states that have boating license or safety certification requirements. This course may be taken in a traditional classroom sitting, on-line or through use of an included interactive CD-ROM and course manual.

Several insurance companies offer kayak insurance discounts to inflatable fishing kayak that successfully complete an approved boating safety class. Cost for the course is $34.95, plus shipping.

ACR ResQFix 406 GPS Personal Locator Beacon

Capsized kayak and falls overboard are a leading cause found in kayaking related fatalities. Personal locator beacons (PLB) are a proven and effective means to ensure successful rescue for a person in the water. More than 20,000 lives have been saved by 406 MHz radio beacon technology since 1982. Personal locator beacons transmit a homing 406 MHz radio signal that can be tracked by orbiting search and rescue satellites. Location information is passed on to search coordinators, making a save much more likely and quicker. The ACR ResQFix 406 GPS PLB provides a wealth of information to potential rescuers. This includes a homing beacon signal, GPS real time coordinates, and a link to personal registration data. This PLB sells for around $600.

best inflatable fishing kayak

Inflatable fishing kayak safety gear makes a lasting gift for friends and family that will be used well after the holiday season fades.

Canoeing and Kayaking on Ullswater

Ullswater is situated in the eastern part of the Lake District National Park. At eight miles long it is the second longest lake, after Windermere, in the Lake District National park. The dog leg shape of the lake, which has a north-south orientation in its most northerly and southerly parts, but an east-west orientation in the central parts adds interest to exploration of Ullswater.

No power boats are allowed on Ullswater and there is a ten miles per hour speed limit, facilitating a tranquil atmosphere with views to the Helvellyn range of mountains.

The lake is popular with sailors with an active yacht club at Pooley Bridge and moorings and hire of dinghies from the Glenridding sailing centre. One of the pleasant aspects of sailing on Ullswater is the number of traditional wooden boats still sailed on the lake.

For canoeists and kayakers the intricacies of the shoreline provide ample scope for exploration. There are a couple of small islands in the southern part of the lake onto which landings can be made. One of the many beautiful bays of Ullswater may be found at Sandwick bay on the south eastern shore of Ullswater, a perfect destination for a picnic.

No permit is required to canoe or kayak on Ullswater.

Access to Launching Points to Canoe and Kayak on Ullswater

inflatable fishing kayak

The easiest launch points for the independent recreational kayaker and canoeist are from the road that runs along the west shore of Ullswater. For the southern half of the lake the road hugs the lake shore of Ullswater and it is simply a matter of selecting a roadside pull off and launching into the water. In the northern half of the lake the road parts company with the lake side and access to the lakeshore is thwarted by the private property that lies between the road and the lake.

Access to the lake is possible at Howtown on the eastern shore of Ullswater, but car parking is very limited and difficult, for this reason accessing the lake at Howtown is not recommended.

Canoe and Kayak Hire on Ullswater

Glenridding Sailing Centre on the outskirts of the village of Glenridding hires kayaks, canoes, traditional and modern sailing boats. The centre also provides safety boat cover.

Lakeland Boat Hire is in Pooley Bridge at the northern end of Ullswater and offers canadian canoes for hire.

Facilities for the Visitor Canoeing or Kayaking on Ullswater.

Visitors looking for accommodation in the Ullswater area are best served in the villages of Glenridding and Patterdale on the west side of the lake and Pooley Bridge at the north end of the lake.

Lakeside camping with launching available for site residents is avaialble at Park Foot on the north east shore of Ullswater a little south of Pooley Bridge. Camping is also available in Glenridding and Patterdale.

The Youth Hostels Association has two properties in the valley at Glenridding and Patterdale.

Other Canoeing and Kayaking Areas in the Lake District National Park

The Lake District National Park offers some of the finest flat water kayak and canoeing in England. Other lakes where users may canoe and kayak include

Crummock Water
Coniston Water
Ennerdale Water