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Global Cloud Team – Outstaff Software Engineering Team

Global Cloud Team – Outstaff Software Engineering Team

Need additional R&D resources? Global Cloud Team will give you a team of professional and experienced programmers and developers to do your project.

Having R&D resources in a company might not always be very cost-effective. There are also cases when the company needs additional members to complete a large project. If you need software specialists to carry out your projects, we are here to help you. Global Cloud Team is an outstaff company that provides teams of programmers and developers to implement customer projects. We have over 280 developers and this number is only getting larger.

Global Cloud team can help you in the following areas:

Service Platforms Development
Native iOS/Android Applications
Blockchain Solutions
Crypto Exchanges
Crypto Wallets
Web Development
Quality Assurance
DevSecOps Expertise

We are proud to complete over 110 projects for our customers. These include Enterprise Back Office servicing over 3 million customers with over 100 billion USD in monthly transactions, an Enterprise Password Management Platform with multilevel security roles, banking-level security for organizations, and single sign-on functionality.

Our projects also include Multi-Asset Trading Infrastructure with real-time trades execution, native iOS/Android mobile app and other features and a multilingual Proprietary Social Trading Network for investors with IOS + Android native app and extensive feature set. We are also working on a Crypto Exchange that supports 99 cryptocurrencies and 25 payment methods, is connected to five exchanges and has a top adaptive interface.

Global Cloud Team

Global Cloud Team is not a team of freelancers who may disappear or later use your software for their own needs. We are a serious company that values its reputation. Project management is organized following generally accepted international project management standards. We focus on quality.
Our main criterion is the search for new opportunities and solutions. Global Cloud Team specialists have extensive experience working on projects in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Russian markets, which allows us to use the most modern and proven solutions for our customers, taking into account the use of international practice and work experience.

Well-coordinated work is one of the essential keys to successful development. Your Outstaff Team of six to twenty-five people who will be involved in project implementation will be assigned within a week. The team will consist of Project Manager, Technical Leader, three to five Developers, and one to three QA Engineers. We can also put together a team of professionals that meet your specific needs. It allows us to perform work of varying complexity and scale.

Once you approve the team, your project leader/s will work with our project manager until the project is completed. Thanks to their knowledge of software and operations, software engineers will help to solve all your questions. We often find that our clients have ideas and strategies that they would like to implement. However, it becomes difficult to technically transfer what a person has in his or her head into the language of algorithms necessary for creating software. Our team will help you with this as well.

Global Cloud Team does not leave its customers alone when the project is done and turned in. In most cases, we continue to support you throughout the life cycle of the product and help you to develop and enhance it. With our team, you can not only save about 40% on the development costs but also be confident that professionals are handling your project. It will be done in the best possible way and on time. You can turn to the Global Cloud Team at any time you need and not waste your time on searching for a new employee.