Healing with reiki – violet flame reiki, red chakra, yellow chakra & more

Reiki is an excellent practice that is effective in reducing stress, enabling relaxation and encouraging the body to heal itself. Reiki uses the unlimited supply of “life force energy” to improve overall health and quality of life.

Healing with reiki – violet flame reiki, red chakra, yellow chakra & more

Reiki heals by allowing the life force energies to flow through the body and charging the affected parts with positive energy. Reiki clears the negative energies away and heals the energy pathways allowing healing to take place. Reiki is an all natural health care practice.

A Natural Way to Heal

Reiki encourages the body’s own natural healing abilities. It improves emotional and physical health and overall well-being. It is completely safe for anyone to receive and a benefit to all who do. This natural therapy works well with all forms of medical treatment, including traditional, complementary and alternative therapies.

Healing on the Physical Level

The physical benefits of receiving Reiki are many. These effects increase in effectiveness with continued Reiki sessions:

Healing time for health concerns including injuries can be reduced.
Tight and sore muscles can be relaxed and the pain lessened.
Joint mobility can increase as stiffness is eased.
The immune system can be strengthened.
General and local pain can be relieved and removed.
Toxins can be released and removed by the body’s own cleansing system.
Side effects of some medications can be reduced.
Effectiveness of medical treatments can be enhanced.
The speed of recovery from surgery can be increased.
The side effects of chemotherapy can be counteracted.
Emotional Healing
Emotional and spiritual issues and concerns are also effectively addressed with regular Reiki sessions. Stress, anxiety and depression can be relieved. Other benefits include:

violet flame reiki

Insomnia and sleep disorders can be reduced or diminished.
A deep sense of peace can be instilled.
Energy blockages can be cleared.
The body can be balanced.
Energy and vitality can be increased and sustained.
Emotional clearing can be attained and maintained.

What to Expect During a Reiki Session

During a Reiki session, the person receiving the treatment lies comfortably on a couch, bed or Reiki table. Reiki can also be performed while being seated. The client remains completely clothed. All that is necessary is relaxing and allowing the process to occur.

The session consists of the Reiki practitioner moving their own hands from one location to another on the body in a series of traditional positions. These hand positions basically correspond with the major energy centers within the body. These are referred to as chakras.

There is no pressure applied by the Reiki practitioner. Although this is a touch therapy, there are times when the hands may be lifted from the body. The healing effects of the life force energies are just the same.

At times, there may be feelings of warmth from the hands. This is the energy passing from the Reiki practitioner to the client. When there is a cool feeling, then the extra energies are being drawn from the person. This is a part of the healing and is good also. Sometimes sensations of tingling may be felt. Many times, there is no real noticeable physical evidence of the life force energies at work, but at the end of the session a sense of overall peace and relaxation can be felt.

Color Therapy Healing

In Ayurveda, all aspects of the body, mind, and consciousness are dictated by the tridosha. These three principles – vata (ether and air), pitta (fire and water), and kapha (earth and water) – are found in varying quantities in every individual, determining the individual constitution. When the tridosha are unbalanced the body becomes vulnerable to disease. Optimum health and well-being are attained through harmonizing vata, pitta, and kapha. Color therapy healing helps to create this balance.

What is Color Therapy?

red chakra

Color therapy is based on the vibrational energy of colors. Each color is linked to different parts of the body, as well as to the elements of the tridosha. A specific vibrational activity is applied to the body according the individual’s constitution. This is one of many ayurvedic treatments to reach a state of harmony and prevent disease.

There are seven natural colors, which are those found in the rainbow – red chakra, orange, yellow chakra, green, yellow-green, blue, and violet for violet flame reiki. Each one has its own properties in color therapy healing.

Red chakra is the color related to blood and heat. It promotes good circulation, and energizes both the nervous system and bone marrow. Too much red chakra can cause an excess of pitta in the body, possibly resulting in inflammation.

Orange is connected with the sex organs. Its vibrational energy, like red, is warming and healing. It encourages sexual stimulation, which can be transformed into spiritual energy for those who are celibate. Orange also helps with congestion problems and dull skin.

Yellow is associated with the crown of the head. Its vibrations stimulate understanding and thought. Yellow also represents an absence of ego. Too much yellow can lead to problems in the small intestine.
Green is connected to the heart, bringing energy to the heart chakra. It is the color for a calm, soothing happiness. Too much of this vibrational energy can create gallbladder stones.

Yellow-green vibrational energy has the color therapy healing properties of yellow and green.

Blue is the color for stimulating consciousness. It is both calming and cooling on the body and mind. Blue vibrational energy can be used for skin pigmentation problems and liver disorders. In excess, it can lead to congestion.

Violet flame reiki brings awakening and awareness of spiritual energy. The body feels light, and the mind is able to perceive the subtle.

How to Use Color Therapy

Color therapy healing can be performed in a number of ways. In traditional Ayurvedic treatments, a sheet of gelatinous colored paper can be wrapped around a glass jar filled with clean water. Allow the jar to sit in the sunlight for four hours until the water is infused with the color vibrations. This water is basically infused with the healing energy of the color. It can be drunk for its therapeutic benefits.

Other methods include sitting in a light source which has been filtered with one of the natural colors, or being wrapped in colored cloth. With each method, the purpose is the same – to absorb the vibrational energy of color.