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HopStop, WifiSLAM, SIRI make iOS 9 topic hotter

Next big thing from Apple, the Ios9 is on a roll of information. Reports all round are surfacing on regarding the platform’s arrival.  Latest on this context is that the company is probably busy with beta testing the operating system.

According to the source, the devices playing through Ios9 was put on Google Analytics during some days in January. We know Cupertino is traditionally habituated of making the major upgrades available during middle year seasons, mostly during July/August. Hence, there is nothing wrong to hope for the latest operating system to be available during the same part of the year. The same source says that iOS8 devices have been shown earlier over the analytics.

iOs 9 release date

HopStop, WifiSLAM probably will make it interesting:

All we can assume from the above reports is that Cupertino is all set with its devices to be played on the platform. Earlier we have come across with the news of Cupertino fixing devices with iOS 9 since past few months. Fans can now hope for the platform to make its appearance during WWDC, and we can certainly get some official news regarding it from here. Also See: Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2

Rumour mill churn outs are also in no scarcity regarding the platform or concerned devices. The latest from their production say it that Cupertino will be taking its current achievement HopStop to enhance its Maps while the native navigation spec might be added post acquisition of WifiSLAM.

Siri is most likely:

Additional good news is that SIRI might be there with the third party tools as the company is gradually expanding the platform to coders as it has done with keyboards. In addition with the release of the operating system, the rumour mill productions say that the company might make some new products available equipped with dual snapper with low light snapping feature and revamped optical zoom.

Bets testing, iOS 8 upgrades:

Apple leaves no stone unturned regarding making the product of best quality. It has been putting some hands with iOS8 in current upgrade that will be made available very soon. Apart from this, the house is also quite busy in developing and testing the operating system.

Apple is presently planning to make the upgrades iOS 8.1.3, and revamped iOS 8.2 available for the users. However, iOS 8.2 is crucial on this matter as it holds SDK scripts for the much buzzed WatchKit application. It is said that the the iOS 8.2 is most expected to introduce association for Apple Watch mated with Bluetooth, in accordance with the earlier revealed information.

Wait for WWDC:

Cupertino has remained quite tight lipped regarding the Analytical claims from the various sources. However, we have many chances of getting some real information on this regard very soon.

Anyway, fans have to wait a little for upcoming iOS 9. Looking at the traditional pattern we can only hope of any official word during WWDC that has been scheduled during June.


Though many speculations are being made regarding its features, still those likes of third party application, increased performance are most expected. Finally, you stay tuned with us for all latest updates regarding it.