How to create www.gmail.com account or Sign in Gmail.com

How to create www.gmail.com account or Sign in Gmail.com

Google-owned www.gmail.com is the world most popular free email service provider that offers plenty of interesting features to the users. Earlier the big players like hotmail.com, aol.com and yahoo were leading in terms of providing free email account but in today’s time, gmail.com is the most preferred choice.

Creating a new account at Gmail is super easy and I’ll be explaining it step-wise later in this article along with giving a direct link to a login page for those who already have created a free email account at Gmail.

Google has been improving gmail.com continuously adding lots of interesting features like free online cloud storage, tons of free themes to choose from and other custom services like Google webmaster tools and analytic for webmasters.

Why chose Gmail as free email service provider?

There are tons of reasons why I (many others) prefer Gmail.com as free mail service providers. The very first thing that I like about gmail.com is, it is pretty much faster than others. It takes a fraction of second to login into account even if the internet connection speed is low (it gets login comparatively faster than outlook.com and yahoo.com).

Apart from it, you can add multiple Gmail account so that you need not to type in whole email address over and again to access secondary email accounts.www.gmail.com login

You can adjust the display density to Comfortable, Cozy or Compact according to your preference. There are plenty of interesting pre-installed themes to choose from however you may customise it by uploading image from your computer. It filters all your emails automatically and distributes them under different categories called Primary, Social, Promotion, and update.

The primary section is made for all your important emails like Interview call, email from the client if you are a businessman, email from friend etc however the Social section contains email notifications from social network sites you have created an account with like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

The other tab called Promotion is meant for receiving promotional offers from different websites you have subscribed to.


Silent feature of www.gmail.com

There are lots of features of Gmail.com, Lets take a look at few of them.

Free audio/video calls to other gmail.com account holder.

– 15 GB free cloud storage.

– View attachment instantly.

– Download attachment in the computer or directly on cloud (google drive) to access it from anywhere.

– Stay connected with your loved one with Hangout chat messenger.

– A better email compose.

– Share stuff through Google drive.

– Improved email search ability

– Take action from your inbox (move email to different folders without opening them).

– Undo sent email (pull the sent email back) within a specific period of time.

– Attach files up to 25 GB (because of Google drive integration)

– Better spam filter ! and much more !

Gmail login

If you already have created an email account at Gmail, you can go to login page and enter the username and password to login to your account and start sending emails.  To do so, open browser and write Gmail in address bar or simply Click here

Sign up/ Create a new email account at www.gmail.com

Creating a new email account at Gmail.com is super duper easy and anyone with basic understanding of Internet can do it. With just a PC and an internet connection, you are all set to Go. To sign up for an email account follow below steps:

Step 1 – Open browser and go to the website www.gmail.com or simply CLICK HERE

Step 2– Click “create account” just below the login form. A new Sign up form with multiple fields will open.

Step 3 – Enter First and Last name and enter a username of your choice. After entering username, hit “TAB” button on your keyboard and it will show whether the username that you have entered is available or already taken. In case the username is already taken, you need to enter something different. Once you select username of your choice (remember username will be part of your email and will never be changed, so chose it wisely), fill in all other details and hit NEXT button at the bottom.

Step 4- If everything you have entered is correct, you will be congratulated and taken to your inbox. Bravo ! you have created an email account on www.gmail.com !

Access to other services

There are lots of services such as Hangout, Google Calendar to mark your events, Google plus etc which you can have access to if you have a Gmail account. Let’s take a look at them:


Google Hangout is a great way to communicate with your friends, colleagues, and people living any part of the world. The only conditions are both the parties must have Hangout installed on their devices. With video calling facility, you can have feelings as if you are talking to someone sitting next to you.

Google Hangout

Google Plus Social Profile

Google + is a social media profile where you can share still images, gif, videos and other stuff such as articles from some news portal or the articles from your own blog. There are tons of people using Google + to stay updated with their friends and family. 

Use Gmail credentials for sign up to other websites –

If you have a Gmail account you can use the credentials for a quick sign up process at several websites. For example, in below screenshot, you can quick sign up at Cnet.com using your Gmail account. In general when you sign up for an account at various websites, it sends confirmation email to your email account which you have given at the time of sign up process.

You are required to click the confirmation link to complete the sign up process but if you sign up with Gmail account, you can expedite the process and bypass several time taking steps.Gmail credentails


I hope this article helps you. In case it helped you please share it on you Facebook or at Twitter to help others.

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