How to delete all tweets at once- Different ways to do it

After receiving several requests from the readers of Tech For Hunt, I have decided to write this article teaching them to delete all tweets with a single click. If you are an active Twitter users and been using it for several years, you will have plenty of tweets and if you want to delete all of them one by one, It will take ages to get this job done. In this article I’ll be discussing simple methods to delete all tweets at once.

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There can be several reasons of deleting all tweets however the primary reason for most of the people this this decision is privacy concern. You may not want people to read the tweets that may disclose your identify. Today in this technologically advanced world, you will find lots of trolls who rather than doing something good prefer to trouble others. So if you have decided to delete all tweets, follow below method:

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Points to remember

– Once deleted your tweets, you will not longer be able to see them.

– You will lose all the links that you have shared through tweets.

– You will lose photos that you might have shared on Twitter.

How to delete all Tweets at once-

Method -1 Delete all tweets using “tweet DELETE”

Step:1 – Open browser and go to

Step:2 – Read terms and conditions and if you agree with them, tick “I have read and agree to tweetdelete terms”.

Step:3 – After agreeing to terms and conditions, hit “Sign in with twitter”. The website then will take you to official twitter account longin page which is connected through twitter API. You need not to worry about security of your username and password as it is being entered on official website. After successful login, authorise the app to access your account.

Step:4 –  After authorising the app, you will be taken to your tweets. Tick “Delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule”. It means all your existing tweets will be deleted at once and a schedule for future tweets deletion will be set according to your preference. Cancel the authrisation once you are done.

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Method – 2 Delete all tweets at once using TwitWipe.

Step:1 – Open browser and go to

Step:2 – Click blue “Get Started” button.

Step:3 – Enter captcha and click Proceed button.

Step:4 -It will take you to official website where you need to enter usename and password and authorise TwitWipe to access your account. In this method too, you need not to worry about account security as you are entering username and password on official twitter website.

Step: 5: After successful login and authorisation, you will be asked if you really want to wipe (delete) all your tweets. If you decide to delete all tweets hit YES and you are done. Logout from the app once the job is done !


Delete all tweets at once

How to delete all tweets at once

Delete all my tweets

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