How to find perfect party outfit for Christmas

In today’s fickle world of fashion almost anything goes. When it comes to Christmas party wear there are no style rules: it can be anything from body con, to little black dress to feathered mini skirt to sequinned minidress. However, a party outfit that is very much de rigueur is the one-shoulder number with its asymmetric neckline.

How to find perfect party outfit for Christmas

Finding the perfect party outfit takes a little know-how. It should make a woman feel confident and stylish and be comfortable to wear. Take into account whether the party will involve mainly sitting, standing or dancing. Also, consider an outfit’s versatility — can it be worn again or be broken down or mixed with other pieces? What kind of look does the outfit need to aspire to — low-key, sex-siren personified or head-turning chic?

10 Tips to Find the Perfect Party Outfit

Be wary of head-to-toe outfits. These days it is more fashionable to have contrasting accessories. However, when it comes to hosiery, toning the color of your tights with your outfit will give a longer leaner look.

Be comfortable in what you wear. Also ensure your dress holds everything in, especially if you intend dancing. Be wary of this season’s heavily sequined dresses if you are likely to spend most of the night sitting down. Whilst sequins are a sure way to shine at a Christmas party, they are can prove uncomfortable on the butt! Comfort applies to footwear too — whilst women are willing to put up with an awful lot in the name of fashion, if shoes are likely to prove too painful after a few hours, take a more practical pair to change into later in the evening.

Be realistic, know what works for you and those styles which look better on someone else. You may love an outfit but if it makes you look like an overstuffed sausage steer clear. Go for figure-skimming not-hugging. Dresses that skim rather than cling are far more figure-flattering. Soft layers of fluid fabric such as chiffon and silk can hide a multitude of sins. Choose an outfit that plays down flaws rather than draws attention to them. A touch of lycra will hold flabby areas in.

Three-quarter sleeves (or a shawl) are a woman’s best friend when it comes to hiding flabby arms, this sleeve length is also very slimming.

For women in their 50s and beyond frills and fussy lines can be instantly aging. Clean sharp lines are best with simple shapes and powerful single-block colors.

The color black can be draining (particularly as you get older) so mid-blues, purple, and fuschia pink are good alternatives. Wear colored accessories close to the face to brighten up a black outfit, if it makes skin look sallow.

For a special occasion, choose pieces in lush textures like velvet, lace or brocade. A statement jacket in elegant brocade over a simple classically-cut dress adds a wow factor.

Accessories can add glamour to an evening look. Think statement necklaces, stylish belts, a statement clutch or a silk pashmina.

party outfit for Christmas

If in doubt, stick to basics like a simple little black dress. Add some strappy sandals and a quirky clutch, or jazz it up with some metallic pumps or bold-colored courts. Give an LBD a personal touch with some funky jewelry. Try one of these Winter 2020’s eye-catching headbands to be on-trend.

A great alternative to a party dress is a tuxedo suit. Figure flattering at any age, a sharp-shouldered pants suit is an elegant and timeless eveningwear look which can be sexed-up with a low-cut top or remain demure with a pretty blouse.

Interestingly, the results of a recent shopping survey carried out by UK department store Debenhams revealed that shopping for party outfits for the festive season gets women’s hearts racing. Whether it’s a sexy cocktail dress for an office party or a show-stopping outfit to see in the New Year, buying eveningwear is an exhilarating experience, particularly if it’s designer or is discounted.

Dressing For Your Christmas Party

It’s that time of year. A time for magic, giving, peace on earth, not to mention the all-important Christmas Party. Ladies, whether the idea of an office party sends you into high spirits chanting “Auld Lang Syne” or sends shivers down your spine, one thing should not be overlooked: your outfit.

Of course, we’re in a recession and nobody wants to spend enormous amounts shopping for an event spent with people we see more than our own families and largely forced upon, but if your boss is shelling out precious bucks you are expected to go and be thankful for it.

What’s a Girl to Do?

perfect party outfit

All year round you dress professional, polished and largely conformative. Then the office party arrives, offering an opportunity to break traditions and show how individual you really are. This can become a daunting task; should one go uber sexy or elegantly sophisticated.

Generally, the office is not a place to show your sexy side, unless you’re a resident at the Heffner residence. Still, the perfect Christmas party outfit should be sexy, elegant and unique without showing too much. It’s all about getting the right combination of the three. Everyone wants to shine but make sure you do it for the right reasons.

A Few Suggestions

Below, is a list of possible outfits or ways to update outfits that have stood the test of time. The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable.

A pretty pencil skirt. A pencil skirt suits most figures and is a perfect way to enhance your curves without looking over the top.

If you think your outfit is too short, put on a pair of thick tights. These don’t have to be boring and can be found in an array of colors and styles. A perfect way to update any dated outfit but remember not to clash colors and if you are going to go for a pair of electric blue tights make sure your outfit is black.

Remember to keep make-up to a minimal. This does not mean you can’t play around but the age-old advice that one should either enhance the eyes or the lips still holds true.

Remember showing too much cleavage is not always sexy. A fitted top can often look sexier than having everything on display.

Sequins are in this season and can update an outdated dress. Add an embellished bolero or sparkly bag to make sure you shine at the Christmas party.