How to make money online with Elance

Elance is a California-based job auction website. Presently, the site offers over 4,450 available projects. Service providers pay for a monthly membership, then use the connections included in their fees to bid on open jobs.

How to make money online with Elance

How to make money online with Elance

These are not jobs in the traditional sense; most are one-time projects, outsourced by individuals or companies who lack the funds to have the job done locally or need a certain level of expertise.

Not all of the 4,450 open projects will be awarded and completed through the site. Some employers find a suitable professional elsewhere, while others cancel the posting for any number of reasons. Still, an Elance membership gives service providers access to a pool of warm leads, or buyers already interested in the type of service they have to offer.

Who Uses Elance for Marketing Business Services?

There are currently over 88,000 service providers registered on Elance. To give a more accurate idea of what to expect, consider the number of active providers competing for jobs. Just over 5,100 Elance providers have earned more than $50 a month over the last 6 months.

Many sign up, give it a try, but realize it’s not a good fit for them and move on. Some expect instant gratification and aren’t willing to put the time and energy into building their business there. Using a service like Elance is like any other new business. It takes time to get established and start earning money.

The Top 25 Individual providers each made between $14,000 and $35,000 over the last 6 months. There is potential to succeed and make money with Elance.

Building an Online Portfolio

make money online with Elance

Every person selling services on a job auction site like Elance should have a portfolio of samples to show potential clients. Because there is no face-to-face interaction, the bid, profile and portfolio must do the selling.

After reviewing Elance’s University and Help pages to get oriented, take the time to build a profile complete with references, a service description, payment terms, and an online portfolio. Carefully proofread the profile before launching.

How to Bid on Jobs

Elance offers a number of filters to aid providers in finding jobs that match their skills. Filter job postings by time left, budget, category, and more. Most bids are sealed, preventing providers from reading the details or prices of other bids.

Carefully read the description and address the buyer’s needs in the bid. Cover as much ground as possible in the bid: how long will it take to complete the job? In what file format will the end product be delivered? How will you communicate throughout the project? How much will it cost, and are there limitations or exclusions?

Don’t take shortcuts or try to be too cute. A bid on a job auction site is a proposal and probably the only shot a service provider gets to win over the buyer.

Completing Jobs on Elance

Elance uses the Remote Work System to facilitate communication and collaboration between buyers and service providers. The system is comprised of Status Reports, a private message board, and other unique features. Know the Elance system inside and out before accepting the first job.

Always ask new clients for their contact information, and create a work agreement (samples are available on Elance). Require that buyers place the project funds in escrow to help reduce non-payment issues.

How to Make Money with Elance

There is much more to building a business presence on Elance than can be explained in one article. It is possible to make money with Elance, but one must be willing to do the legwork, get to know the system, and put in the time required to get established. For more information on selling services on Elance, visit Elance University.

Freelancing Tips

Freelancing is packed with plenty of personal enjoyment and benefits. Freelancers are able to work where they want when they want. And they select exactly who they will work for at any given time. As noted, freelancers experience a very flexible work schedule. They might work on several projects at once or only one. And many top freelancers earn much higher pay than their regular 9 to 5 job. And there is the personal emotional reward. Achieving freedom to create and live a desired lifestyle. There are many ways to start a freelancing career. Here are the most popular alternatives.


make money online

Many people have extensive knowledge of a subject or they have worked in a career field for a long period of time. This knowledge could be put to good use in a consulting career. Popular areas are accounting, financing, computers, freelance writing, editing, proofing, copywriting, cooking, event planning, marketing, sales.


The freelancer is connected to a company through telecommunication sources. Their work style is less flexible because it is connected to the company’s work schedule and work hours. Popular telecommuting jobs might include sales, marketing, telemarketers, and customer service representatives.


In this arrangement, a company transfers decision making and management of their business to an outside group that specializes in this area. Companies in the U.S. frequently outsource to groups in China, India, and other countries to reduce costs. In fact, most large U.S. companies often outsource to reduce their production cost and save energy.

Online Work at Home

Also referred to as online workers, e-commerce. These workers use the Internet and modern technology to connect with others in sales or provide a service to others. This area enjoys extensive flexibility as the worker establishes their own work schedule. Popular work at home jobs might include sales, marketing, data processing, computer programming, writing, editing, blogging, graphic designers, web designers, online tutors, translators. Elance and Guru are good sources to search for much Online Work at Home Freelancing jobs.

Up Close

With the rising cost of living many are turning to freelance to supplement their incomes or to even turn into a full-time career. Freelancing offers a flexible schedule where they might work for one hour or several hours during the day or night. The Internet has made it possible for the freelancer to work in one city and freelance all over the world. All communications are handled over the Internet. The freelancer might live in the United States and have customers across the globe with whom they can communicate in seconds. Freelancing has many benefits but it can also cause many conflicts, especially if the freelancer is still holding down a full-time job working for someone else. They must make sure the freelancing does not cause ethical problems by competing with their employer for business.

If freelancing still sounds like the perfect career move, start small. Freelance part-time while still maintaining a regular job before changing to full time freelancing career.