How to win Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (COD4) and Call of Duty: World At War (CODWAW) are shockingly similar when played online- largely due to CODWAW’s developer Treyarch sticking to the tried-and-tested multiplayer model set forward by COD4.

How to win Call of Duty 4

Where these two games set themselves apart from the competition is in the way the multiplayer is structured- a more realistic and brutal manner than other first person shooter (FPS) games on offer. As a result, a good player of a COD game must have a very different approach to multiplayer battles.

Tactical Movement, Cover and Corners in Call of Duty over Xbox Live

Unlike Halo 3, the multiplayer skins available in COD games have no shields, no bullet-absorbing armour and a realistic measure of health. This is why tactical movement is key to staying alive long enough to win the game.

When moving, stick close to the wall, crouch or strafe from side to side to reduce the target that enemies have to shoot at. If advancing alone, keep weapons held up to iron sights when moving forwards, as a gamer using iron sights will always hit a target, while one firing from the hip has much poorer accuracy.

Use cover at all times. Crouch or lie prone on an uneven surface to break the sight profile, use holes blasted in walls to aim through, or peak over obstacles to get a clear shot, keeping the majority of the multiplayer skin’s body hidden behind cover.

Call of Duty 4

Also remember that bullets pass through cover in COD4 and CODWOW, so hiding behind an object of a higher thickness is always preferable- such as hiding behind a brick wall, rather than thin metal sheeting. Also remember that if a target moves behind cover, shooting through it might get the kill, nearly kill them, force them into hiding or position them nicely for a grenade tossed in with them.

When rounding a corner, don’t charge around with gun held at hip height. In more intensive games, such as Search and Destroy, crouch and beat a wide path around the corner, keeping the weapon in iron sights for increased accuracy- enemies will camp and watch corners near objectives for example- throw them off by not following the norms of movement.

Combine Perks and Weapons for Victory in Call of Duty over Xbox Live

Call of Duty’s perks and weapons are by far the best way to gain an advantage online, as the correct combination of unlocked weapons and perks used in the right situation can be decisive. More importantly, name specialist classes something appropriate, so changing between classes quickly becomes easy.

For example, in COD 4:

Close Assault (Brawler)
3X Frag Grenades
Juggernaut (Increased health)
Steady Aim (Increased hip fire accuracy)


Sniper/Saboteur (Sapper)
Mosin Nagant rifle (Sniper scope)
Satchel Charges X 2
Stopping Power (Higher weapon damage)
Extreme Conditioning (Able to run further)

Finding the right combination of weapon and perk for the right situation can turn the tide of a battle with ease, so take advantage of what is on offer.

How to win COD 4

Similarly with weapons- find the weapons that suit the style of play, then get used to them, unlock the extras and back them up with suitable perks- refining the options available. Remember that the most powerful weapon, or the most accurate, does not guarantee a kill- find what works best for each situation.

Use Special Skills Correctly in Call of Duty over Xbox Live

The extra bonuses gained by getting three, five and seven kills offer a considerable advantage to a gamer, but learning when to use the bonuses to their full effect needs a little experience and common sense.

Three kills: Recon Plane/UAV visual mapping.

This bonus shows the location of every enemy except those which have the camouflage perk enabled. Best triggered when making a push on an objective, such as a bomb or flag, the UAV/Recon Plane is also great when used in conjunction with a teammate who has the Airstrike/Artillery bonus.

Five Kills: Airstrike/Artillery

Airstrike (COD4): Best used when a group of enemies has been spotted on the map, or when in a tight corner or surrounded. Using the airstrike perk can wipe out entire enemy teams in one hit- and is perfect for getting the extra kills needed for the third bonus.

Artillery (CODWAW): Unlike COD4’s second bonus, the artillery barrage can last for two or three minutes and is ideal for pinning enemies inside their spawn zone, destroying enemy tanks or for bombing flag or bomb sites- remember that your team can’t be hurt by a friendly artillery strike, unless playing a specialised game mode, so target bomb or flag zones and let your team take them while covered by the strike.

Seven Kills: Attack Helicopter/Dogs

Attack Helicopter (COD4): If a team is falling behind, a well timed attack helicopter can even the odds, even though it is shot down easily.

Dogs (CODWAW): The pack of rabid dogs unleashed by getting seven kills in CODWAW is a brilliant addition to multiplayer. While the number of kills the dogs get is usually only two or three, they serve as a fantastic distraction for the enemy team, allowing the friendly team to pick off enemies as they flail to kill the dogs- use this bonus when advancing on an objective or to clear the way for a victory on points.

Practice and Patience Will Always Win over Xbox Live

As the respawn rate in Call of Duty 4 and World at War is so high, it would be easy to earn experience, rank up and unlock better weapons and perks by just running in and shooting everything.

However, with some careful thinking, tactical movement and the right combination of perks and weapons, becoming something more than just an average run-and-gunner results in a much better payoff- more experience points, and more wins online.