How whole house humidifier protects home

How whole house humidifier protects home

Changing weather conditions also affects the members of our families and our homes. During winter, it is noted that there is less moisture in the air. This is because as the temperature goes down, water droplets in the air become heavier. Due to this situation, people may experience dryness of their throats, mouths and nasal areas. Changes in skin moisture are also noted.

How whole house humidifier protects home

The reduction of moisture in the environment also affects our homes. Some furniture last longer in certain moisture conditions. Leather finished furniture requires that it should be moisturized from time to time and kept at a slightly humid environment to prevent it from drying and hardening.

Due to the benefits of having a reasonable amount of humidity in the air, many homeowners resort to getting a whole house humidifier for their homes.

Getting a whole house humidifier will minimize the dryness of your oral and nasal passages especially during winter. With enough mist in the air, the air that you inhale wouldn’t be so dry that it might irritate your nasal passages. A whole house humidifier can increase the humidity in your homes by thirty to fifty percent.

If you are using a whole house humidifier during winter, it is possible to lower the temperature of the heater since added moisture in the air can increase your level of comfort even in cold conditions.

house huidifier How whole house humidifier protects home

whole house humidifier

A whole house humidifier isn’t just good for the people but also for the furniture and the house structure. Some furniture, such as wood or leather, requires that it is stored in humid conditions. If wood dries out fast, it can easily deteriorate and weaken. This is also true for leather furniture.

When using a whole house humidifier, it can also protect the components of your house. The risk of structure problems pertaining to walls, the paint, and other home structures can also be minimized if these home structures are reasonably exposed to a n amount of moisture.

Some whole house humidifiers also function as air filters, which minimize the amount of dust and bacteria that enter the home’s environment. This is best if you have highly sensitive people, such as kids and babies living with you.

A lot of people purchase whole house humidifiers because of these basic advantages. The advantages may be increased depending on the type of whole house humidifier that you will get. There are even boiler steam whole house humidifiers, if you prefer to have warm moisture to be released.

Total Care with Honeywell whole house humidifier

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A large portable humidifier has an average moisture output of 2 gallons. An 18-pound honeywell whole house humidifier can produce as much as 17 gallons of air moisture. But even a small, 15-pund model can provide as much as 12 gallons per day. That is the work of 8 and 6 portable humidifiers, respectively.

Winter dry air can do considerable damage both to your health and to the condition of your house and virtually everything included in it: your electronic devices, your wood items and furniture, your walls, your ceilings.

When both your home and your health are at risk, would you trust your entire home to a small-capacity portable humidifier?

A portable humidifier can cover only the area of a room. If you have three rooms in your house, you would be needing three portable humidifiers to humidify every room.

But why buy three portable humidifiers when one honeywell whole house humidifier can cover the total area of as much as six rooms?

honey whole house humidifier How whole house humidifier protects home

A honeywell whole house humidifier is a by-pass or forced-air humidifier. This means that this humidifier can utilize either the warm air or cold air of your furnace in producing vapors to humidify your home entirely.

The proper moisture level in your home must fall between 30% to 40%. When relative humidity level falls below that range, your lips peel off unwillingly. Your skin gets itchy. Cracks start to run in your walls. Your electronic devices are damaged by electric static. Someone in the household gets more frequent attacks of asthma. It becomes more difficult for people with cold and flu to breathe. The list of winter dry air impact on human body and to your home can be endless.

In order to avoid erring in providing you the precise amount of moisture level in your home, a honeywell whole house humidifier is equipped with humidistat. Humidistat is the measuring device responsible for regulating humidity level in your home. This home humidifier also comes with saddle valve which controls the flow of air.

A honeywell whole house humidifier is easy to maintain and easy to use. One model doesn’t require draining of water from the reservoir; another model has a drain connection which allows easy discharge of water.

A pre-assembled unit is complete with 24-V transformer, wire, and an instruction manual.

When it comes to protecting your entire home from the ill effects of winter dry air, a portable humidifier is not just fit for the job. Honeywell whole house humidifier has been designed to produce the apt amount of air moisture for your entire home— nook and corner and all. Honeywell whole house humidifier is your total house moisture provider, your winter health caregiver.