HTC Aero: Release date, Specs, Price, Features and other news


HTC Aero release date, price, specs, features and other rumors– HTC must have had high hopes riding on the sales on One M9 flagship model. But sadly, the model received a damp response all over the world and the sales figures were nothing close to impressive. So we have been hearing since a long time that HTC has been sharpening its tools in its arsenal to present the world with a shocker of a phone that will wipe away the bad taste of a failure.

Seems like HTC Aero is what HTC has been working on all these days and we have been receiving a steady stream of leaks, rumors and what not about this phone. We know little of HTC Aero, a rough sketch of what it possibly will look like and what is there in it to make so go awe. Also see: OnePlus 2 release date

HTC aeroLike most high end models that are getting launched or are to be launched in the market, HTC Aero will also have a QHD resolution display, although, we wonder how much big the size would be. Of course we were impressed with the previous models from HTC like One M9+, J Butterfly (only in Japan), One ME, etc. all of which sported a 5.2 inch display, the only exception being the one E9+ with 5.5 inch display. So we do speculate solidly for the Aero to sport a display size of somewhere in the five inch plus category. Also see: iPhone 7 & 7 Plus release date

What we heard today as the first thing in the morning is that the screen will have a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 topping making it a lot sturdier and less prone to accidental breakage. Further, the 2.5D edges topping will also make the swiping and gesturing easy and smooth as it could be. Also see: Samsung Galaxy S7 release date

We expect the design to have an edge, not sharp, but smooth as a curve like most HTC models have looked like all these years. Coming to the camera division, we hear that the Aero will possess a camera that will have an f/1.9 aperture capable of capturing images in RAW format. Given this feature, we definitely expect the HTC Aero to be a high end phone with specs higher than that of being a mid-range device.

The pricing of HTC Aero still remains a mystery to most of us. But the design excellence and the impressive specs do convince us that the price will be something of a flagship status phone. The device can be expected to be released somewhere after the Android M release. Hopefully, we will see the phone running on the latest software when other brands will giving upgrades on their already sold out phones. Also see: Mi5 and Mi5 Plus release date

But as far as HTC is concerned, the names had nothing to bear with the actual products released do far. We are keeping our fingers twisted and wonder what show HTC is going to pull off with its hopeful flagship status phone. Needless to say HTC Aero has kicked up a storm even without the slightest mention anywhere in a official statement. This phone is sure to give us some digital feed to brood on in the coming days.