HTC One M11 release date, price, specs, rumors

More than what the buzz has come up for the predators, the anxious gizmo lovers have already come up with the latest news on the HTC One M11 release date and other details. Expected to be highly attractive the HTC Officials are expecting the M 11 to be somewhat better in the marketing concept.

The best part is that the HTC One M11 is really attractive in the looks as well as the handling. However it will be a new upgraded model which will bring up a good buzz for the people.

HTC One M11 release date

Well, as the latest news from the HTC officials have come up the release date of the HTC One M10 is all set to launch at the end of this month. However the decisions will be taken completely on the marketing details of the previous handset.

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Still some news has come up as a matter of fact the people have stated that there are many more options coming out. Still, one can expect that it will be the year of 2017 which is likely to see the first faces of the HTC One M11.

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HTC One M11 Specs

Much to the anticipated news, people can have some minimum expectations related to the HTC One M11. The best part of all is that the specifications as well as the looks are going to change with the help of advanced structures. Here are some ideas for it:


The camera is just going to improve from the round figures of 10 Mp to a new of 12MP which is quite good. However the shutter speed is good which means that the speed of clicking pictures will be better indeed. The camera of the HTC One M11 also has a capability of shooting 4K video range also.


Not like the HTC One M110, the next model version of the HTC One M11 is likely going to expect a new metal body which will be good to avoid cracks even if it falls off. The advanced Gorilla Glass is also likely going to change to a new level which will give a good bonus indeed.

The Processor:

The processor will still remain the same for the start with the Snapdragon 820 processor to take place. So if you are doing multi tasking, it will not be a problem either. The availability of the 16 GB, the 32 GB as well as the 64 GB will make the phone a little better and worthy to buy indeed.

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HTC One M11 Price Details

As compared to the marketing details across the globe, the HTC One M10 has already set its target to reach to $580. This may vary in different countries as well.

Thus one can easily get an indication on the HTC One M11 on how much the price will be. Though the HTC One M10 will lose its opening price in the year of 2017, the next generation or the HTC One M11 is expected to start things off with the same price as well. So if you are eager to buy it, the price should be around $600.

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