HTC One M9 review: A rerun of its predecessor with some impressive improvements

HTC M9 review- We are giving our final verdict straight away: If you already have the HTC One M8, don’t bother to buy this one. On the other hand if this is your first one, we have some valuable inputs that will validate why this phone is actually better than its previous model.

To begin with the looks and design, HTC hasn’t done anything new or added something extra to the outer shell. The HTC One M9 carries forward from the M8 the same full metal case that made it a popular model right after its release.

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The 5 inch 1080p HD screen is definitely at par with rival brands but there is a lot more we were expecting out of HTC with the M9 release. Let’s say its arch rival the Samsung Galaxy S6 does have a lot more meritorious features like better camera resolution and battery life that might just win the fight.

HTC M9 reviewWhat’s new in the HTC One M9 is the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. It is definite that the phone will work glitch free and smooth as cheese even with a long list of applications running on its background. The front and rear cameras have also got their share of improvement in the successor model.

The rear camera is upgraded to 20mp and the front camera is a humble 4 ultra pixel. The camera resolution combined with the shard display will make your personal moments appear the best even in low light conditions.

A quick glance is more than enough to conclude that HTC has not made any serious deviations from its design scheme of M8. The body comes in a full metal encasing with the “BoomSound” speakers propped neatly above and below the 5-inch screen.

When it comes to the rear design there is not even a pint of change in the design scheme when compared to the M8 or even the M&. The phone’s rear has a gentle curve and inset plastic lines that split the top and bottom and the HTC logo right in the middle.

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The HTC One M9 runs on a 2840mAh non-removable which is slightly on the upper side compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it is also worthy to note that the LG G4 comes with a 3000mAh removable battery that clearly outplays the duo. However, with Snapdragon 810 and 3 GB RAM HTC One M9 does gear up its competition as a capable device that productivity enthusiasts can have fun with.


We even tested games like Asphalt 8 and found no glitches n performance. Even image editing is amazingly quicker with Adobe Photoshop Express. Thanks to new Sense 7 interface, navigation was also highly responsive and a breeze through unlike its competitive models that shows light lags and hiccups.

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The phone did get slightly warm during the benchmark testing and hot as a toaster during the camera testing. But overall, the HTC One M9 is a good phone that outruns its predecessor in certain terms without any major improvements. It surely does heat up competition with LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6.