Last minute Christmas gift ideas for him, her, kids

Last minute Christmas gift ideas – As Christmas looms ever closer, purchasing last minute gifts can be an ideal solution for many family budgets. Desperate retailers hoping to bump up their seasonal takings offer many outstanding Christmas deals from free Playstations or Nintendo bundles with the purchase of mobile phone contracts to free store gift vouchers on some purchases. With the traditional New Year Sales on the High Street now starting in December, last minute bargain hunters should also consider a visit to the stores for certain bargains.

last minute Christmas gift ideas

Christmas Presents for Her

The Times newspaper list for the ten best last minute gifts for women includes ideas such as a relaxing Spa Day at number one gift for a female partner or mother to the Lips karaoke game for Xbox as certain Christmas treats. Certainly, many of these gift items or similar can be purchased online for ease.

Christmas may be closing in, but for an inexpensive stocking filler gift for a lady or teenage girl, the Avon Christmas Gift selection is still worth a look. A quick call to the local sales representative will reveal that orders are being taken for last minute sales fulfillment. Some of the bargains offered include up to 50% discount on sizzling, party makeup, buy one get one free for cleansing and moisturizing products and half price beauty and spa gift sets.

Whilst the Christmas crowds discourage many bargain shoppers from the High Street, there are fantastic discounts on gift purchases in the days leading up to Christmas. Some jewelry, clothes, personal and beauty goods are discounted by up to 50%, whilst many retailers also offer free gift vouchers as an incentive to spend a large amount on a single visit, indeed it is well worth braving the Xmas crowds and taking a last minute shopping trip.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

One extra special, but potentially budget trimming, gift idea for a male partner or friend, is to arrange a short break, without children, which will provide a romantic interlude in the cold winter months. Many hotel chains offer discounts for weekends, particularly in the quiet months of January or February. Arranging a couple of nights’ childcare by doting grandparents and booking a relaxing short hotel break can be a greatly appreciated gift. Additionally, although credit or debit card details are taken at the time of booking, payment may often not be processed until the date of arrival, so for a budget gift, this is a fantastic idea.

Alternatively, Experience Days for male partners ranging from rally driving, or learning to play poker to sailing a catamaran are all available to purchase online at the last minute and are great gitt ideas throughout the year.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

christmas gifts for him

Books are fantastic last minute presents and can be ordered online or purchased direct, one recommended buy for children up age seven is The Gruffalo. A rhyming and comic tale of a mouse who regularly manages to trick and outsmart the scary Gruffalo monster, this book, written by Julia Donaldson is available online or in shops and has won several prizes for outstanding children’s literature.

For those needing to sign up for new mobile phone contracts, Christmas has some great contract incentives to the extent of receiving free gifts for children, such as Playstation or Nintendo bundles, from retailers.
In response to plummeting sales of mobile phone contracts, mobile outlets are not only offering free laptops as an incentive to sign up for contract phones but free Playstation together with games or free Nintendo bundles.

There are many great Christmas bargains to buy both on the High Street or the internet, and braving the last minute, but cheerful, Xmas shopping crowds in the stores can often be a pleasant, memorable holiday experience.

Gift Giving Ideas for Groups

From holiday parties at the office to pre-season bashes with friends to Christmas dinner with the extended family – the tradition of giving gifts is ever-present this time of year. Despite the best intentions, these festive celebrations can cause frustration as people feel the need to ransack their brains (and their bank accounts) in order to buy something special for everyone on their holiday party lists.

Trying one of these creative gift exchange ideas will help holiday partygoers keep the spirit of generosity alive without forfeiting their sanity along the way.

The Stocking Stuffer Soirée

The rules for this gift exchange are simple – each person is asked to bring a small item or “stocking stuffer” for everyone else in the group. (The host can either provide Christmas stockings or have guests bring their own.) Guests are asked to place their gifts in each of the other stockings when they arrive. Everyone in the group can then enjoy opening their stockings together.

christmas gifts for kids

It is best to keep the items relatively small (think Christmas ornaments, golf balls, or Duct tape) and be as creative as possible. Hosts and guests alike may be surprised by the variety of stocking stuffers they receive!

The Re-gift Exchange

In a Re-gift Exchange, each guest brings a gently used item that they have personally enjoyed, but no longer need or want. Participants can follow traditional methods, such as drawing names or having guests select a gift from a pile, in order to distribute the gifts.

The Re-gift Exchange works especially well when used by a group of people who share similar interests or tastes. For example, members of a book club can each bring a copy of a beloved book, while fashion fanatics can swap accessories such as purses, scarves or jewelry.

The Recipe Taste & Trade

Each person brings a sample of their favorite food or drinks to the party, as well as enough copies of the recipe to share. The host can ask guests to stick to a theme, such as Christmas cookies or cocktails, or let guests bring a treat of their choice. Participants may even want to include a key ingredient (such as a special kind of liquor or spice) as a gift to the other members of the group.

The Charitable Choice

The Charitable Choice is a great way for the party host to share their holiday spirit with others by asking each person invited to the party to make a contribution (donation of time or money) to a charity or volunteer organization before the event.

When the group gets together later, everyone can share their experiences. Of course, guests won’t need to share the dollar amount of their contribution, but they can explain why they chose that particular organization.

Twist: Instead of making individual contributions, participants can choose a worthy charity as a group and raise money or volunteer together. Then, they can all go out and celebrate the good work they have done!

The Time & Effort Exchange

Although it may not sound like fun at first, the Time & Effort Exchange will leave participants feeling nearly as good as The Charitable Choice. Participants can follow the rules of a traditional gift exchange by drawing names amongst the group members, but instead of giving material items, they can give a bit of their time and/or energy by offering up a favor or service. For example, the gift giver can shovel the recipient’s driveway, treat them to a movie, or offer to watch their kids for an afternoon or evening.

The Time & Effort Exchange is a great way to focus on what the other person really needs by tackling a project on their ‘to do’ list or just giving them a break during the hectic holiday season.