Latest version of WhatsApp messenger for free download

WhatsApp has taken the whole world by storm by making texting super easy, super cheaper and convenient than the traditional way of messaging, SMS. If we talk about days five or six years back from now, people used to use mobile carriers for texting that was too costly and if it was an international SMS, they had to spend much more money on a single text message.

WhatsApp messenger brought the cost of sending domestic as well international messages to almost ZERO. WhatsApp messages were accessible nearly everywhere, especially if you have a VPN for WhatsApp unblocking the service internationally. Apart from simple messaging, Whatsapp latest version offers tons of other interesting features for free that you would have never gotten with traditional way.

Among the latest updates, WhatsApp’s recently added end to end encryption feature allows two parties to keep their messages secured, away from third-party interference, not even WhatsApp itself and govt regulatory bodies.

Some country’s regulatory authorities aren’t appreciating the feature because they want to monitor the communication between two parties to control cyber crime however in many other countries, the feature is greatly appreciated.

WhatsApp new version

The other interesting feature that the developers decided to introduce last year is “WhatsApp Web”. Through WhatsApp web, you can map the WhatsApp messenger installed on your phone with the desktop/ laptop for a better experience.

I’ve saved the settings for forever and whenever I work on my laptop, I’m logged in to WhatsApp via web version. It notifies me on the laptop whenever I receive any new message, or message in a group and I quickly revert in case the new message needs to be replied urgently.

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Brief About WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t require to be briefed as everyone who uses a smartphone must be knowing what WhatsApp is and how to use it. People can send unlimited FREE text, audio/video messages to just anyone who is having WhatsApp installed on its smartphone.

Last to last year the company incorporated WhatsApp calling feature that allows people using the same app to make unlimited audio/video calls for FREE (Data charges may apply).

WhatsApp uses Data plan or the Wi-Fi internet connection to send and receive messages from the people residing in any corner of the country or the world.

However, there are lots of other interesting features that people can take advantages of but most of them being not much tech savvy use only the basic function of sending and receiving text messages and audio/video files, making calls etc.

The small business owners, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers went a step ahead and don’t use WhatsApp just for basic stuff but to simplify their jobs, stay in touch with customers and much more.

The most interesting thing about WhatsApp is, the developers do not sell ads. It doesn’t bother me with those annoying in-app ads which on accidental clicks takes me to the web pages that automatically install irrelevant apps on the phones! Sometimes I wonder how do they make money out of this app because the company gave up subscription fee; the only source of earning. Never mind, none of my business!

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WhatsApp messenger features

There is much more interesting things can be done via WhatsApp. Let’s see the list of all the features you can take advantages of for free (Data charges may apply).

– Send unlimited FREE text messages, photos, documents (PDF, TXT) to anyone in the world having the same app installed on its smartphone/tablet.

– Send unlimited FREE audio/video messages to anyone in the world having the same app installed on its smartphone/tablet.

– Make unlimited FREE audio/video call to just anyone in the world having the same app installed on its smartphone/tablet.

– Make a group and invite participants to a group chat.

– Broadcast your message to a larger audience in one go!

– WhatsApp web – Use WhatsApp on your laptop/desktop for free.

– No username or Pin is required in order to use WhatsApp.

– Automatically find people using WhatsApp from your contact list

– Always on, so you never miss any message.

– End-to-end encryption. Let no one else including WhatsApp team peep into your private conversation.

– Completely free, No annual subscription charges.

– Backup chat and send through email.

– Send documents (PDF, TXT) to your WhatsApp contact.

– Change number/delete the account at any time.

– Take the backup of all your Chat and save in Google Drive directly.

– Use WhatsApp in your local language.

The app is available for free for all the major platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Windows, BlackBerry and it can be downloaded via app stores or directly from the website.

Download latest version of WhatsApp messenger for different platforms

WhatsApp for iOS – iTunes

WhatsApp for Android – Google Play | WhatsApp website

WhatsApp for Windows – Windows App store

WhatsApp for Blackberry – Blackberry World