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Latest WhatsApp spam message talks about charges per text and monthly bill

We have seen often whenever anything become popular, the spammer become active to harm it. WhatsApp has been a huge success for two guys who started this cross platform instant messaging app back in 2008 and the trend still continues. As the app has become so popular, the spammers are trying to spoil it by circulate spam messages to the users.

In recent years many WhatsApp spam hoax messages have been noticed that claimed to be from the chat giant. Earlier a chain message was circulated among users saying WhatsApp will charge a fee for each message sent however in case the user wants to avoid these charges, he/she must have to forward the message to 10 people in their contacts. This way the spammer tried to create a sense of negative feel towards the most popular chat app.

Later the developer addressed audience about this spam and confirmed that the app will continue to provide free messaging service and users will not be charged for messages sent. They made it clear that term and conditions of the use of chat app will remain unchanged and users will continue to use the app free for first year and then for a subscription fee of $0.99 per year.WhatsApp Spam

Now once again, the latest WhatsApp spam message that was noticed last week talked about WhatsApp being overloaded with username and people must have  to share this chain message with their contacts. Failure to do so will result in deactivation of their account within next 48 hours and once the account is deactivated, people need to pay a monthly will of 299 (no currency mentioned, thats a sign that this is a WhatsApp hoax) in case they chose to re-activate the service. The message was claimed to be received from Aarohi Deshmukh- the CEO of WhatsApp (second sign of it being a spam message). Anyone shares this message successfully with 10 people will become avid user and as a part of special treatment the logo of WhatsApp will turn blue for them.

The spammers seem to be clever and they frame the spam message in accordance with the latest update. Earlier WhatsApp updated the app with a feature of double blue ticks that confirms message been read and spammer too talked about ticks and logo turning blue in this chain hoax message.

Below is the exact WhatsApp hoax message:

WhatsApp spam messages

To above hoax message, WhatsApp has made it clear this is a rumour and asked users to continue to use it. WhatsApp will not charge any monthly fee or deactivate any user’s account.

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