2017 Macbook Pro, Price, Release date, Specs

All you need to know about Apple Macbook Pro 2017

Apple is known for its innovations in all the devices including computers, tablets, music players and mobile phones. The company has brought new features in every product which was later on adopted by other companies as well.

Apple had announced Macbook Pro 2016 during an event in October. The introduction of the touchbar on the top has changed the way we look at our laptops. The machine is not available in stores yet and will be up for sale at the end or 2016 or in the beginning of 2017.Macbook Pro 2017

It’s 32 GB RAM!

Interestingly, Apple experts are already talking about the upcoming 2017 model of Macbook Pro. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the company may launch the highest model of Macbook Pro 2017 with 32 GB RAM.

The company faced a lot of criticism by heavy users for capping the RAM limit to 16 GB in the latest machine. If Apple manages to increase it in the next year model, it will be a great step.

The officials at Apple, however, refused the claim and said that 32 GB RAM will not be possible as it will consume a lot of Power.

In case Intel manages to start mass production of upcoming Cannonlake CPU, the rumor of 32 GB RAM in Apple Macbook can actually come true.

If Cannonlake fails to reach the market on time, the maximum available RAM will again get a 16 GB cap.

Another rumor suggests that the next MacBook Pro will have a price drop.

The company has launched a new feature in the 2016 model i.e. Touchbar which allegedly increased the total cost of the laptop.

The technology will be a year old by the time of 2017 model launch so the company can easily reduce the price tag of the laptop.

Touchbar will play an important role in defining new features

The whole set of potential upgrades in the next machine will be based on the performance of the touchbar. It will be interesting to see how users are going to react when they actually use the touchbar and explore its potential. There are some rumors about the design of the laptop but they are not coming from any reliable source.

The rumor mills start churning about the upcoming products way before the even company announces it. Generally, the main sources of the leaks are either some company employee or patent offices where these technology companies file different design and features for approval.

There are a lot of Mac experts who never reveal their sources but the information shared by them are quite correct on the actual launch of the product. Ming-Chi Kuo is a well-known tech expert who often predicts the future of Apple machines and most of the time he is true.

His prediction about the RAM capacity is still the biggest news about Apple MacBook Pro 2017 and we expect to see more information in coming weeks.

The internet is filled with a hoax about the upcoming gadgets and it is always advised not to believe all of them and wait for the word from the company itself.

The Apple company is known for experimenting with its gadgets, whether its a Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other product, every time we see something new.

The Macbook never had touch bar integrated before but in 2016, we saw a different keyboard where they included touch bar Macbook Pro. The touch bar helps developers to perform various functions quickly with shortcuts.

In an event help for the release of Macbook pro with touch bar, the product manager explained how touch bar can ease the life of a developers. The whole Macbook pro can be controlled by touchbar.

In 2017, again we are expecting something new and I’m sure the company will make it.