Marriage management: Romantic anniversary ideas for newlyweds

Marriage management – Trying to decide on something special for romantic anniversary ideas in respectful relationships can be a difficult task for some people. It’s important for the day to be special, so the romantic ideas should be memorable. Whether someone has money to burn for an anniversary or a tight budget, there are lots of ways to a couple can plan an unforgettable day.

Surprise the Spouse With Spontaneous Trip for Respectful Relationships

Surprise gift is important in marriage management so a surprise, spontaneous trip may be a fun, exciting way for a couple to spend an anniversary. The trip could be either to a favorite destination, or to a place the couple has never been to add an extra element of excitement to the day.

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary With Outdoor Activities

Going hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving or whitewater rafting would be a memorable experience, particularly if the couple has never participated in those activities together before. An added bonus is getting in some exercise.

Participating in outdoor activities will give the pair a chance to bond with each other in a new way if the activity in question involves teamwork.

Relive the First Date in Marriage Management guide

One of the most effective romantic anniversary ideas in respectful relationships is to go back to the place where it all started. Doing everything exactly the way it was done the first evening the couple spent together will help the husband and wife remember why they fell in love to start with, and the warm and fuzzy feelings will likely last for weeks.

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Splurge the Day Away in Respectful Relationships

Eating at the finest restaurants, staying in a swanky hotel and shopping for things that are normally not in the budget would bring an overall sense of excitement to the day. Doing these things will put the couple in a great mood and will help to make the day even more unforgettable.

Isolation From the Rest of the World

A very effective romantic idea is to turn off the phone, TV and computer for the entire day. The husband and wife should speak only to each other and force themselves to interact with one another without any distractions from anyone or anything else. It will give them a chance to communicate and get close. For once, not letting life get in the way is important.

A couple looking to celebrate a first wedding anniversary can have an unforgettable day whether they go on a surprise trip, do fun outdoor sports, relive their first day or simply stay inside all day and just hang out together. Having a memorable anniversary is all about making the day different from any other so a couple can bond and celebrate the love they share.

Some Unique Anniversary Gifts in Marriage Management

When a wedding anniversary rolls around the newlyweds are sometimes stumped as to what to buy each other. Questions come up about the traditional themed gifts. Should they stick to them? How do they make the gifts romantic? All it takes is a little imagination to make these anniversary gifts unique.

First Anniversary: Paper

Paper in and of itself is not very romantic. However, think of things that are made of paper. Tickets are made of paper and can be to a game, show or a trip. The couple’s favorite wedding photograph is made of paper and could be framed as a gift. A scrapbook of the wedding/first year of marriage is also considered paper.

Second Anniversary: Cotton

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The favorite picture mentioned above could be made into a special custom throw blanket. The blanket is made of cotton and looks exactly like the picture. The couple could snuggle under it on chilly nights or display it on an afghan stand.

The couple can also invest in some Egyptian cotton sheets for their bed. This is something that makes the bedroom more romantic and can also make the bed feel more luxurious when the couple is tired after a long day of work.

Third Anniversary: Leather

Leather can be in any form; a new purse, belts, jackets, shoes, etc., says marriage management expert. Or the couple can be a little more unique and get leather jewelry. A husband can buy a beautiful leather and pearl necklace for his wife or just a simple leather bracelet for each person.

Fourth Anniversary: Fruit/Flowers

A very unique thing in respectful relationships for this is to combine fruit and flowers. Edible Arrangements is a company that specializes in “flower” arrangements made out of fruit. These arrangements are beautiful and, not to mention, delicious. One spouse could pick up a bouquet on the way home or have a basket delivered to the spouse’s office.

Fifth Anniversary: Wood

Wood can be a little tricky. If the couple has a mutual love for an animal or college or team they could get a wood carving of that. For example, if the couple both went to University of Georgia they could get a wood carving of Uga the Dog.

Other things to consider are a Bonsai tree, new bench for the backyard or wooden picture frame.

Shared Anniversary Gifts

Marriage management expert argues the couple can enjoy a gift together and don’t have to buy each other separate gifts. Tickets for a trip for the paper anniversary is an example of this. Be creative and as long as it comes from the heart, it’s romantic.