Friday, 21 Jul 2017

Mother’s Day Android Apps only on Google Play Store

Mother’s Day is a special day for almost every one of us to show our gratitude and love towards our mothers. This day is celebrated with great zeal worldwide.

Everyone wants to do something special for their moms. Some of them would buy flowers, candies, gift, card or take her out for a special dinner.

In some way or other, they want to show their mothers that YES they are special. To make it more interesting this time some app developers have come up with great Android apps to make this Mother’s Day even more special. Some of the coolest Mother’s Day apps are:-

Mother’s Day Poems


Every mother would love if their son or daughter dedicates a poem just for her. After all Poems is the best way to bring out someone’s feeling.

Don’t worry if you are not good at writing poems because this time there is a special Mother’s Day apps known as Mother’s Day Poems from which you can select one of the best poems which is close to your heart. Let your mother feel the words and treasure the beautiful pictures.Mother’s Day apps

Mother’s Day Cards

Buying a card for any event is one of those social norms that probably everyone do. You go to various shops to buy a nice card and sometime you end up being confused.

What if I tell you that this time you don’t have to go here and there to buy a card instead you can use you Smartphone for this purpose.

Yes you read it right, there is a special Mother’s Day apps known as Mother’s Day Cards from where you can select any card which you like and send them to your mom through message or e-mail.

To clear your confusion and make your task even easier you can send more than one card to make your mom special. But love is all that a mother wants whether through card or a quotation.


Mother’ Day Shopping

Shopping is something which every women love to do. Given a credit card, women’s can spend an entire day on mall and there is a probability that they come home empty hand.

Well that’s very common with women’s and girls. So this Mother’s Day you can make your mothers experience even more enjoyable by checking out one of the coolest Mother’s Day apps known as Mobile Coupons & Deals.

You can check out coupons and deals offered by various brand and stores. You can either gift them these coupons or buy something for her. Well what can be a better way to find all the cool things with discount under one roof.

I hope this article will help you to make your plans even better. All these Mother’s Day apps are available on Google Play by Android and you can download them for FREE. So this Mother’s Day make use of technology to plan a surprise using Mother’s Day apps.

Mother is an important person of everyone’s life and on this great day, you make your mother even more special by doing something for her. Either send her a card or shop some other stuff for her. I am sure your mother going to like it.