Nokia Lumia 720 review, Specs, Price, Features | Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 720 is a perfect package with Windows 8 and performance. This new Windows Phone 8 has some eye catching specifications with decent price. It is a mid-range Windows Phone 8 Smartphone with high build quality and at the same time it’s affordable.

Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720 Design

Its design is somewhat identical to Lumia 920, only difference is that it is smaller, thinner and lighter than the latter. Well Design depends on your personal choice; I generally prefer light weighed and compact size Smartphone which can easily be put in pockets. Nokia Lumia 720 has a premium look, so you would feel contented while carrying it.

Nokia Lumia 720 Processor and Operating System

Lumia 720 has incredible specifications if we compare it with its price. The Lumia 720 runs on dual-core processor clocked with 1 GHz to provide its users with fast and fluid performance. My brother has brought this phone recently and when I was using it, I was actually shaken to see its smooth functioning. It was giving the feeling of a high-end Smartphone. So now u can imagine how awesome this Phone is. It is is using Windows Phone 8 platform. Though I am not a big fan of it, but still I was impressed by it due to its new Start screen which displays ‘live tiles’. You can fit as much information you want on the title as it is highly customizable. It is indeed beautiful. So if u like Window Phone 8 platform, this Smartphone will surely appeal you. Overall performance is definitely good at this price.  

Nokia Lumia 720 Camera

Nokia is providing outstanding quality camera in Lumia Series. Lumia 720 has 6.7MP primary camera equipped with CarlZeiss lens. Don’t get carried away by the megapixel thing, trust me it can take pictures more clearer and sharper as compared to other high-end smartphone like iPhone 5. I have seen the picture quality of both the Smartphones, and I personally feel Lumia 720 pictures better even though i am a proud owner of iPhone 5. So now you can image how brilliant those pictures were, which compelled me to say this. Lumia 720 has 1.3MP secondary camera, so that its users can enjoy video chatting with their friends and family.

Nokia Lumia 720 Display

Well it has a perfect 4.3 inch IPS display, with fair resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It offers outstanding contrast due to ClearBlack display technology.


Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720 Storage

It has 8GB internal storage which can be expanded via micrSD card slot up to 64GB. One of the biggest disappointment is its RAM. It has 512MB of RAM. Well that is surely not great, but not that bad either. Overall storage wise Lumia 720 is good.

It has various connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS amd NFC. Now the most important thing what is the price. In this article I have focused on the word affordable price. Well the reason is that Nokia Lumia 720 price is €249 that is approx Rs 18,000 in India. Well I hope now you have got all your answer regarding this Phone. If not then experience it yourself, by switching to Lumia 720. 

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