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On-campus vs. distance learning college degrees

For returning students, online college classes are a simple way to finish a college degree while continuing to work. Students who are returning to college to complete a degree while working can benefit from the flexibility offered by distance learning college degrees. Taking college classes via the Internet can be difficult for some students, however, due to the specialized study skills necessary to succeed with online college classes.

On-campus vs. distance learning college degrees

Online College Classes vs. College Campus Learning

Online college classes require a different set of study skills than those that are needed to succeed in a conventional classroom environment. A returning college student who attends college online often must have a higher degree of motivation, due to the lack of in-person interaction with a professor and other students.

Many professors conducting online classes simply offer the material and assignments, and leave the student to pursue the knowledge as needed. A lack of lectures and question/answer sessions, which are provided in traditional classroom environments, leaves many students confused in complex online classes. Classes in which concepts are typically taught by example, such as math, accounting, or computer programming, require much more effort on the part of the student when taken online.

When there is no chance of being asked a question in class, and the only requirement is to complete assignments on time, less-motivated students often neglect the pursuit of general knowledge on a topic. Without learning all that the class has to offer, it is difficult to build upon the knowledge for future classes. For these reasons, distance learning opportunities are seldom suited for those without motivation for learning, who are simply interested in completing a class.

Benefits of Distance Learning College Degrees for Adults

Distance learning college degrees provide a greater degree of flexibility for working adults. The ability to pursue continuing education online allows many students who would not otherwise be able to complete undergraduate or graduate studies, achieve distance learning college degrees.

Students who are working full time, or who are living in a location without a college campus, benefit from the ability to take online classes while pursuing distance learning college degrees. A full time job can make it difficult to attend traditional classes, and the lack of in-person classes makes it impossible. While it may be more challenging to learn certain concepts without the benefit of in-person instruction, most professors are willing to provide assistance to students via email or phone conference as needed.

How to Find Summer School Online Courses

On-campus vs. distance learning

Many online students, due to busy work schedules and other outside demands, are only able to enroll part-time. Such students need online summer classes more than most students, as year-round learning ensures that they are able to finish degree programs in a reasonable amount of time.

This article presents some of the best places to look for online summer classes.

Summer School Online – Distance Learning Universities

A number of established universities dedicated solely to online learning provide year-round classes, even during the summer months. Such schools, which design programs specifically for those students who are only able to enroll part time and for those who need accelerated learning schedules, offer the same amount of summer college courses as they do during the primary academic year.

Some of the best exclusively online universities which offer online summer classes include:

Capella University
Western Governors University
Walden University
University of Phoenix
DeVry University
Ashford University

Many of these universities offer accelerated learning schedules with short terms during the summer months, allowing students to take classes quickly. In addition, all of them offer partially asynchronous class schedules, which allow for a maximum amount of scheduling flexibility.

Summer School Online – State University Systems

Many state university systems connect large networks of state schools together through continuing education divisions, which provide vast online learning opportunities for students. One such example is the University of Texas System’s UT TeleCampus, which connects 15 different universities and learning hospitals together to present a host of online courses.

Many of these state systems provide extensive lists of online summer classes and summer college courses from select degree programs. Students are encouraged to inquire about their local state university system’s online summer options.

Summer School Online – Individual Schools

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A growing number of state and private universities are jumping into the online learning marketplace, and offer online summer classes as a part of their regular online learning schedule. While there are an immense number of representative schools for which this applies, below are a few of the top-rated schools (according to U.S. News & World Report as well as Online Education Database) which offer summer college courses:

University of California, Berkley
Nova Southeastern University
Western Governors University

Students are encouraged to check with a particular school of interest to see if they offer online summer classes.

Benefits of Summer School Online Courses

For working professionals and nontraditional students who cannot attend campus-based programs due to their logistical and scheduling limitations, online schools offer a flexible way to maintain a career while pursuing an academic degree.

Students learning online, most of whom must enroll part time in order to fulfill other outside demands, need online summer classes in order to graduate within reasonable time frames. Fortunately, there are a number of quality schools which offer summer college courses, and students are encouraged to find the best educational match from those available.