OnePlus 2 release date, rumors, specs, price and other info

OnePlus One has been a great success for the company as the phone received great response from the customers. The phone is not available to buy until the interested customer receives an invite from someone who already owns it. The OnePlus One fever hasn’t been over, the rumors about release date of OnePlus Two, its specifications and price have started to float on the tech blogs. According to the rumors, the OnePlus Two release date could be any time between Q2 and Q3 2015.

In an Interview to bgr India, Mr. Carl Pei, the Director of OnePlus Gobal told OnePlus Two smartphone will be released between April and September next year. To answer other question weather company is planning to launch OnePlus Two in India,  Mr. Pei said that they will be releasing this great smartphone in India as well along with other countries. So India will be one of those countries which the phone will be available in at first.

The company’s flagship smartphone OnePlus One is receiving great response and the major reason behind it is price. The phone is priced economical that fits the pocket of common man while they still enjoy all those features that other high end smartphones from big players have. While the phone is priced relatively cheaper, the company made sure they give consumer the best hardware and unique body design to maintain the quality standard.

OnePlus Two release date

The non availability of OnePlus One easily disappointing interested customers. Mr. Pei confessed that  they are running short of demand as they couldn’t make correct forecasting but the company will take care of it when the new phone arrives in the market. OnePlus Two again will be available through an Invite only. The other chinese startup, Xiaomi which has occupied a great chunk of fastest growing Indian smartphone market is banned from selling its phones in India which OnePlus can take advantage of. According to The Guardian, Xiaomi is banned from India after Swedish Ericsson filed patent infringement suit against the company however the ban will remain into force until February 15, 2015.

OnePlus Two specification

There is no official news about the specification of OnePlus Two as yet however surprisingly, according to Coolicool, the phone will be 5.5 inches multitouch phone sporting Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU and should feature Android L which is yet to be released. The other specs includes 32 GB storage, 16 megapixel primary camera and 5 megapixel secondary camera for selfies.

The OnePlus Two should sport massive 3300 mAH battery that will keep the phone up for whole day. This is the only info available at this point of time about specification of one of the most anticipating smartphone of 2015. In AMA (Ask me Anything) reddit where Mr. Carl and David interacted with the audience told that they have seen lots of people asking for small sized phones and confirmed that the customers are being listened. If we go by it, the OnePlus Two could be smaller in size as compared to its predecessor or could be released in two variants just like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

OnePlus Two Price

OnePlus is appreciated for selling OnePlus One at price easily affordable to common man keeping specs matchable with high end smartphones and OnePlus Two too is assumed to be priced well. Again there is no official news about the price range, but according to CooliCool, the phone should be sold at $552.

This is all what I know about upcoming OnePlus Two at this point of time however I will keep readers abreast of every other information about it.

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