Recycled custom vinyl records live to rock another day for art lovers

Custom vinyl records – In a world where an increasing number of people are downloading their music, there will soon be teenagers who don’t know what a CD is, let alone a vinyl record.

Custom vinyl records

But for those who remember the thrill of putting a needle on a record, who cherish the sound quality that only comes from vinyl, and who have favorite records that are too scratched to play, but too loved to throw away, there is help at hand.

Jeff Davis of Vinylux Vintage Vinyl Design turns pre loved vinyl into bowls, snack trays, coasters, clocks, picture frames, and even cuff bracelets and Christmas decorations. These become custom vinyl records.

LPs, 45s and Vintage Album Covers All Converted

Davis reuses, recycles and reimagines LPs, 45s and Vintage album covers. Over the past five years he has recycled around 400,000 records – that’s equal to around 120,000 pounds of vinyl, to give art lovers custom vinyl records.

He tells that some of the gifts he has made have been created for the men and women who recorded them. “I have made many bowls for notable bands such as The Rolling Stones, and my very first commission for Neil Sedaka was made from records provided by his wife as a birthday gift,” he says. “We’ve also made holiday gifts for The Kronos Quartet, Neil Young, Frankie Valli, and Paul McCartney.”

Custom Vinyl Records Order to Turn Old Favorite Records into New Gifts

Davis may have created gifts for some of the greatest recording artists of our times, but he says the best part of his job is making presents for people who are less well known.“My favorite customers are (typically) women who send me records that their husbands recorded – usually to pay homage to their past glory days of living the Rock & Roll dream,” he says.

Other custom vinyl records bowls Davis has made over the past few years have run the gamut from Barbra Streisand to the Sex Pistols. Vinylux has just completed a custom record coaster order for Elvis Presley Entertainment, creating 22,000 coasters for the “Elvis Insiders” fan club. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock festival, they are also producing 25,000 custom coasters for Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

Putting Vinyl Records Back Into Your Home

The custom vinyl records bowls created by Davis and his team are created from a single record that has been molded to keep the look and feel of an LP. The original record label is laminated for protection, and the spindle hole filled in with a clear film. Even after their transformation, vinyl is best kept out of a dishwasher or microwave, but they are easily wiped clean by hand.

The bowls offer a wide range of genres to choose from, including rock, soul, disco, divas, country, classical and showtunes, however with some of the other products it is not possible to select an artist or genre.

Vinylux Vintage Vinyl can be found in a wide range of stores or online.

1980s Fashion Revival

The beauty of a fashion revival is the gift of hindsight. Like a filter, the years of padding between a past style era and the present allow for the escape of unflattering remnants, leaving fashion gems that in time are revisited, often with cheeky updates.

The fact that the eighties featured bold, bright choices makes these gems worth collecting. Consider incorporating the following 1980s-inspired pieces for a wardrobe refresher:

Plastic Jewelry

Jewelry from the eighties was often big and geometric, a colorful exclamation point to an outfit of choice. Use these accessories to embellish an ensemble:

Plastic bangles in neon, candy or primary colors
Plastic geometric earrings, including hoops, triangles, layered squares and concentric circles
Necklaces featuring plastic beads, discs and pendants

These baubles will liven up a basic wardrobe selection, such as a black turtleneck sweater or a fitted knit top. When paired with other eighties revival pieces, such as an off-the-shoulder sweater, these jewelry selections are right in their element.

EBay, thrift stores and antique malls are great sources for 1980s jewelry. Furthermore, as interest in retro jewelry continues to grow, crafters and jewelry designers are taking vintage pieces and reassembling them into modern sets. Purchasing revamped 80s selections that are fun-spirited updates is a nice alternative to the sometimes daunting task of combing resale collections for noteworthy finds.

Since many 1980s jewelry pieces are on the large side, be careful not to over-accessorize. Sometimes one bright statement can fill the spotlight on its own!

Vinyl Purses

Purses shunned in the 1990s are now getting a well-deserved second look. The geometry, fold and color of these pieces, often made from vinyl, are an eye-catching, compact contrast to today’s mega-purses.

Moreover, these little reflections of a decade obsessed with color and extravagance can take center stage and “make the outfit” or stylishly reinforce your ensemble’s overall effect.

Be on the lookout for:

an angled top that folds down and snaps shut, an eighties purse trademark
gathers and ruffles, which get a shiny, non-traditional lift when made from vinyl
the fun of a vinyl snakeskin print or a faux leather solid layered with rays of contrasting color.

Ankle Boots

The bootie is back. Though ankle boots were not a 1980s-born trend, they certainly returned to the fashion scene and flourished at that time. The resale of 80s ankle boots and this boot’s recent reemergence in today’s stores and boutiques reflects their timeless appeal. They can be found in a variety of styles boasting an equal variety of features, such as:

cuffed tops
gathers and folds

Ankle boots look fabulous with skirts and skinny jeans, and they are flattering for legs of all lengths. The key is finding a style that compliments the leg shape. The fun is in trying them on–they can look as elegant as they are edgy.

Decade Revisited

It’s no question that the eighties are back. It may be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to welcoming a past decade’s trends into the wardrobe. However, incorporating accessories is a good way to test drive the colors, trends and textures of a time gone by, especially when dealing with a decade rooted in such visually interesting fashion choices.