Reiki infinite healer for pets

Reiki infinite healer – The hardest thing any pet owner has to go through is the illness or suffering of a beloved pet. Most of us who’ve experienced it can immediately identify with the grief and feelings of helplessness that owners in these situations must endure.

Reiki infinite healer for pets

We bring our pets to the veterinarians and other trained specialists, whenever possible, but often times we’re left to be caregivers to our creatures, who rely on us completely for their well-being. It’s a huge responsibility, and whilst we should always heed the advice of pet professionals when it comes to medicating or treating our pets, sometimes it feels like we’re just not doing enough to help them.

For me, that’s where Reiki infinite healer is essential.

I enjoy performing Reiki infinite healer on humans, but I really, really feel a special emotional and spiritual reward from performing Reiki on animals. Just like the human body, all other life forms respond tremendously well to the universal life force that is Reiki.

I am currently aiding a lovely lady with her ill horse. She says that the Reiki infinite healer has converted him from a tired animal too weary and in pain to stand, to a frolicking bundle of energy. The cause of his disease still remains–as it can only be treated surgically, and such is being negotiated now–but the symptoms seem to be greatly alleviated by the Reiki. It’s wonderful and intensely fulfilling to know that I am helping both the horse and his owner.

Reiki infinite healer

I’ve used Reiki infinite healer on my cats. In one case, my eldest cat was gravely ill battling two infections simultaneously. Given his advanced years (fifteen) and the severity of the disease we weren’t at all sure he’d make it. But with the antibiotics, TLC, and Reiki, he was back in full swing in no time. He’s still tramping around the neighborhood, full of spunk.

I find it even easier to connect to animals via Reiki infinite healer than to humans. Animals have less business going on in their minds at any given moment–they aren’t thinking about picking the kids up from soccer practice or what to cook for dinner; they aren’t worried about the stock market or the way the economy’s been affecting business; they don’t know to fear war or terrorism or any of the other complicated issues we humans struggle with day to day. They think, and are intelligent, but their world is much simpler. So connecting to them and sharing in Reiki with them is usually a very smooth process, and I find that psychically my connection with animals whilst performing Reiki is very strong and very present. I get a good glimpse into their personality, even when performing Reiki on them over great distances.

Reiki practitioners have a gift that can supplement traditional and holistic pet health care with great success. For those of us who are practitioners and pet owners, we have within us an ability to help tend to the health of our creatures. For those who have no pets, perhaps you might consider making yourself available to pet owners to perform Reiki on their pets when needed. Remember, so long as you have trained and been attuned up to level II, you can perform distance healing on pets, too!

Reiki infinite healer

Right now I have a puffer fish who is struggling with disease. I will perform Reiki infinite healer on him in addition to providing him with the medicines and water chemistry maintenance necessary to heal him. I firmly believe that Reiki can be as important as the rest when it comes to curing all living things, but we must be responsible in making sure that all traditional measures are taken, as well.

If you’ve never performed Reiki on an animal, you have a real treat waiting for you to experience! They are so appreciative and so much fun to work with. Have fun, be smart, and remember the Reiki principles!

When we get in touch with our higher self, we are literally doing that. We are receiving guidance from the rest of our spirit energy up there in the spirit world. That spirit energy “up there” is in contact with our spirit group, our guides, and anyone else who might be assisting us in our present earthly incarnation. That energy is informed, “in the know” so to speak. Once we start listening and working towards our sacred path, we will receive input from every direction.