Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date, price, specs, features and rumors

While the entire world is taken by storm with the announcement of Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 and S7 edge at Mobile World Congress 2016 held in Barcelona, the rumors about the release date, specification and expected features of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is heating up as well for several months now. Among all series of Samsung smartphone, Note series is the most preferred because it is the first commercially successful phablet with interesting features such as Stylus and digitizer.

This series phone are much popular among the working professionals since its more of a business phone rather than other guys. The first ever Galaxy Note smartphone was announced back in 2011 at IFA Berlin and since then it always proved to be great success for South Korea based tech giant. According to the rumors the new Galaxy Note 6 will be packed with ultra advanced hardware system and new features as 6 GB RAM and 256 GB UFS 2.0 storage for faster processing and almost no lag.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date

As far as Galaxy note 6 release date is concern the Note series smartphones are released in the month of August/September mostly and if the company doesn’t get diverted from this release cycle the customers can get their hands on the device during the same time this year as well, i.e August/September 2016. Lets take a look at the release dates of different Note series smartphone since beginning.

Model Name Release date
Samsung Galaxy Note September 2011 at IFA Berlin
Samsung Galaxy Note II  August 2012 at IFA Berlin
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 September 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo January 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge September 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 August 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note 6 August/September 2016 (expected)

Moreover it makes sense for the company to give sufficient time to recently released Galaxy S7 and S7 edge so that the maximum units of these phones are sold. The company can’t afford to post declined sales of these two premium devices because of early release of its next flagship phone (Galaxy Note 6) of the year as it has already lost about  3% of market share according to IDC however the rivals like Apple, Huawei are able to capture bigger chunk of market share in Q2 of 2015 as compared to 2014 Q2. Based on above facts and figure, it can be predicted that Note 6 possibly be released in Q3 of this year.Galaxy Note 6

Specification and features

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is one of most awaited smartphone of the year 2016 and said to be featuring lots of interesting features any smartphone ever had. Among those interesting features and specs the much rumored dock support, camera with super OIS, 6GB RAM and 256 GB UFS 2.0 internal memory are the most notable features.

Design – The Note series smartphone is popular because of its beautiful design, stylus and digitizer with great level of pressure sensitivity. Note 3’s premium design with plastic leather back was an example how creative the techie can be as far as the design is concern. The new Samsung flagship Galaxy Note 6 is said to be featuring great design yet again with improved Stylus experience and pressure sensitivity.

Bigger display with 3D touch technology– According to Mobipicker, the Galaxy Note 6 will be sporting 5.8 inches massive RGB AMOLED screen with Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels density which will make the screen much brighter than previous version. The integration of 3D touch technology somewhat similar to iPhone 6S could be a good move for the company.

Camera – As far Note 6’s camera is concern, the pixel count may be restricted to same as what we see in Galaxy S7. With 12-megapixel primary and 5-megapixel front facing camera for self shoot, the phone will be giving cut throat competition to the rivals. The camera is rumored to be sporting Super OIS plus feature that will help with taking brighter photographs even in dim light.

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CPU – We have seen great improvement in the hardware system of previously launched smartphones and this time the company is planning to supply Galaxy Note 6 with Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820 chipsets launching two different variants of the smartphone.

Memory/Storage – One of the most noticeable improvement with hardware system of Galaxy Note 6 is incorporation of whopping 6GB RAM and recently recently launched 250 GB UFS 2.0 storage which will make the phone work smoothly with almost no lag. The phone may release in three different options based on internal memory size of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

MicroSD  – The current version of Galaxy Note series have no option to expand the memory with MicroSD card as slot was removed. The company is rumored to bring back this feature in Note 6 and the customers will be able to expand the memory size further if required.

Dock option – This is the most powerful feature of Galaxy Note 6 which if incorporated will allow users to attach the phone with bigger devices and keyboard to become a laptop. The rumors may turn out to be true as the Samsung reportedly has invented a phablet dock according to Patently Mobile. The phone could be a great challenge for other phone/tablet makers such as microsoft and lenovo.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 price –

The phone is rumored to be released in two variants based on CPU as discussed above and be priced differently in different countries. There is no clue as such about the price tag of this premium device however based on previous versions and the possible features that Galaxy Note 6 going to come with, anything between $700-$900 seems reasonable.