Friday, 22 Sep 2017
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Samsung Galaxy S9: Release date, Price & Specs

We know the South Korea based techie makes really impressive smartphone in the world and we have seen several great examples how good the maker can be with a smartphone.

Probably, this is the way just after release of Galaxy S series smartphone, the rumors about the next generation one starts to built up, sometime even before.

Here in this post, I’ll cover everything about upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + (edge) release date, specification, features, Price and everything else that we know so far about this Phone.

The rumors about legendary Galaxy S9 started to built up well before the release of current Galaxy S8 and S8+ which were announced in the last week of March 2018.

Similar thing was notice when the Samsung company just announced or about to announce Galaxy S7 and S7 edge but people were discussing features and specifications of Galaxy S8 & S8+


Galaxy S9

So looks like it has become a habit of analysts to anticipate features and specifications of upcoming Galaxy smartphone well before in advance and in this post, I’ll share all the latest rumors and news that we know so far about Galaxy S9. Keep reading.

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

There is no as such reliable source of information, but one thing which we see is common for the release of Galaxy S series smartphone and this is trend.

Since last few models, the company has been announcing latest model in the month of February or the March.

The Galaxy S8 & S8+ were unveiled in an event took place in New York as well as London at the same time in last week of March 2017 and since it generally takes exact one year for the company to bring successor in the market, we might see Galaxy S9 unveiled in Feb/ March 2018 again.

However, there are quite a few news that claims Galaxy S9 might get released bit earlier than could be announced in MWC conference that generally held in Barcelona in the month of January.

This conference attracts lots of people from different part of the world and there could be no better occasion than this.

But, Samsung is working on to bring another flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8 Phone. According to the rumors, Galaxy Note 8 phone will be announced by Q2/Q3 of the year 2017.

If this rumor comes out to be a reality, then we anticipate Galaxy S9 release date will again shift to March/April 2018 as we believe its good wait before launching a new phone so that company can sell as much units of Galaxy Note 8 as possible.

Though the customers of both the series are highly segmented. The Note series phones are considered good choice for business person because of stylus.

Galaxy S9 Specification & expected features

Again, there is no verified or trusted source of information about Galaxy S9 specification or the features and thing that we going to discuss are based on our analysis. We considered Galaxy S9’s predecessors and other smartphone available in the market for this analysis.


The Galaxy S9 for sure will be a great smartphone in terms of design, specification and features as we seen how every successor becoming so powerful than its predecessors.

The Galaxy S9 will have edge-to-edge design with built-in touch sensor. The Phone will be available in two different sizes 5.8-inches & 6.2-inch that will be called Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ (edge).

The in-built touch sensor was rumored to be incorporated in Galaxy S8 but it couldn’t happened and hence we feel, Galaxy S9 will have it.

Among the rumored features of rival iPhone 8 that going to be released in September, the touch sensor technology highly discussed features.

The South Korean manufacturer wouldn’t want to lag behind and surely will incorporate this feature in Galaxy S9.

Dual Lens Camera

As far as the camera is concern, again it was highly anticipated that Galaxy S8 will have dual-lens camera that we got in iPhone 7 Plus last year but it couldn’t happened.

The Galaxy S9 will most probably have dual-lens camera along with features like OIS, Flash, 4x Optical Zoom, Face detection etc.

Talking about the megapixels of Galaxy S9 camera, it may get 20 megapixel rear camera, and 12 megapixels selfie camera.


All the Galaxy S phones are super fast and we are going to see something like this with Galaxy S9 yet again. The Phone can get 3.2 Ghz oct-core processor, 8 GB RAM with further improvement in GPU.

The company may ditch 64 GB storage option just like iPhone 8 and the base model may start with 128 GB itself. The best part (unlike iPhone), you can expand the memory with microSD card.


As far as the battery is concern, Samsung likes to experiment with it. Galaxy S9 might get DUAL BATTERY feature that will help you address low battery problem issues, though you’ll have wireless charging option as well.

With dual battery, the Galaxy S9 wouldn’t run out of battery soon even when you do multiple tasks at the same time or Watch videos on the internet.

Galaxy S9 price

For Samsung Galaxy S9 price, the customers may have to pay little extra than what they paid for Galaxy S8 (in comparison) because Galaxy S9 going to have several unusual features such as Dual battery, Touch sensor in-built on the display, powerful battery and CPU.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 price may vary between $750-$800 in the United States for 128 GB model.