Spa treatments based on chakras and auras

Chakras and auras – Chakras and auras are sources of energy located along the spine that correspond to specific organs extending from the top of the head to the lower lumbar region. Since ancient times the influence of chakras and auras on immune system health has been incorporated into healing therapies. Today, many spas have incorporated the principles of chakras and auras into their holistic spa services.

Modern Spa Therapies

In the plaisir des sens facial, which was introduced in France and is now offered at luxury spas worldwide, charka therapy is combined with healing stones and massage for a step-wise facial treatment that restores the spirit as well as the skin.

At the Creative Chakra Spa, a holistic healing oasis spa in Marina del Rey California, the spirit as well as the body are addressed in a wide selection of chakra based therapies. At the Chakras Spa in Greensboro, North Carolina, therapies are based on chakra cultures and holistic traditions from around the world. At the Chakra Spa in Indianapolis’s Conrad Hotel, chakra therapies highlight the spa’s exclusively used Guerlain therapies.

Benefits of Chakra-based Therapies

The chakras are believed to be powerful energy centers located along the spinal cord. Tapping into the power of the chakras bring sin the universal life-force and allows it to flow through the body’s systems for optimal well-being. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Hindus, Sufis, Greeks, Mayans, Native Americans and Incas intuitively knew of these natural laws.

chakras and auras

The seven chakras are symbolically depicted as lotus blossoms, each represented by a different color spectrum of light. Each governs a different part of the body and directs us to areas where we might be functioning out of balance. Like many ancient beliefs, the chakra system takes a complete view of human experience. It integrates the natural tendency for balance that makes up the whole or self, including the body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements.

The Nine Pillars of Spa Wisdom

Once you schedule your spa visit and prepare for your appointment, it’s important not to feel rushed. Even if your schedule is tight, take the time to reflect on your spa visit and what you hope to achieve. Take a deep breath and consider all of the holistic benefits. With one moment of conjecture, your spa visits should provide you with more than smooth skin.

Serenity: Serenity is key. Spas rely on soft music, soft lighting and fragrant, relaxing oils such as lavender to create a serene ambience. Take the time to breathe slowly and relax during your massage or facial, or as you soak in a warm mud bath or hydrotherapy pool. After the session is complete, enjoy a hot shower, dry your hair, massage lotion into your skin and walk out cloaked in serenity.

Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude. Self-care is important. Whether you’re scheduling spa sessions because of a physician recommendation or because you want to look and feel your best, you deserve a pat on the back. Spas nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Awareness: Be aware of your spa surroundings. Don’t rush into the locker room intent on hurrying to your scheduled session. Step into a warm shower and afterwards feel the softness of the spa robe you drape over your body. Take in the flickering candles and offerings of mineral water. After your session, enjoy the complementary shampoos and lotions. Step outside with a sense of bliss rather than urgency.

chakras and auras

Wholeness: Spas were traditionally designed to promote healing and wellness of the entire body. Spa philosophies are based on the understanding that anything that benefits your mind benefits your body, and anything that benefits your body has a positive effect on your mental state. The immune, endocrine and nervous systems are also inter-related. Whatever affects one system has effects on the other systems. With this in mind, consider how your spa visit is benefiting every cell in your body.

Intuition: Follow your intuition. If a certain spa therapy causes discomfort, itching or rash, it may not be right for you. Even if you merely sense that a certain therapy may be too stimulating, talk to your aesthetician and consider an alternate therapy. On the other hand, if a therapy makes you feel inexplicably better, follow your intuition and learn how it and similar therapies are helping you.

Spiritual: Spa therapies have a spiritual element. Certain Native American, Hawaiian, chakra-based are especially known for their abilities to soothe the soul. Explore the various therapies available at your spa and learn about the cultural wisdom upon which these therapies are based. Many therapies are known to correct both physical and spiritual imbalances and blockages.

Delight: Delight in the fragrant aromas, soothing oils, glowing candles, plush robes, and soft music. Delight in the invigorating blends of rosemary and mint and the relaxing scents of lemon and verbena. Enjoy the seasonal changes you’ll find at your favorite spa. Indulge yourself and spend an extra 15 minutes in the hot tub or sauna. Delight in your smooth, silky skin and feel the deepest frown lines vanish from your face.

Openness: Be open to the touch of your masseuse or spa technician. Let your mind and body become open and free to embrace their therapeutic touch. Be open to healing your body and spirit. Be open to your emotions and to your body’s needs. Don’t worry if you become so relaxed that you fall asleep. Be open to each and every aspects of your healing.

Maximum Benefits: Understand that you must be involved in every step of your spa journey if you’re to attain the maximum benefits. From the time you prepare for your spa appointment to the days or weeks following your spa session, relive the experience. Remember how relaxed, invigorated and renewed you felt. Inhale a fragrance or light a candle that reminds you of the experience and keep this feeling alive.