The third chakra mudra or solar plexus

Chakras, the Sanskrit word for wheel of light, or spinning vortices of energy, transform energy from the universe into usable energy for the body. They also send out energy from the body to the universe. When there is an imbalance, or chakra mudra dysfunction, illness may be manifested through specific symptoms. For example, problems with weight or a chronic stomach upset could be linked with low self esteem or unexpressed anger. There are seven major chakras.

The third chakra mudra or solar plexus

Science and the Chakra Mudra

During the 20th century, scientists such as Albert Einstein and Martha Rogers developed scientific theories on man as an energy being, challenging man’s relationship with nature and the universe. An electromagnetic field is referred to as the vibrational field and an individual’s energy body as the vibrational body. In scientific terms, the field surrounding the dense physical body is called an electromagnetic or bioenergy field.

This means both positive and negative external stimuli can have a profound impact on body, mind and spirit of an individual. Depicted in ancient Christianity as a halo of light around the head, a vibrational field comprises seven layers that correspond to the physical, intellectual and spiritual components of the body. Ancient Indian yogi literature talked about chakra mudra nearly 5,000 years ago.

These days we tend to use phrases such as ‘I’m feeling low on energy today’ or ‘I feel energised’ to describe our relationship with these energy fields.

The Third Chakra Mudra

The third chakra, or solar plexus, is known as the manipura and is associated with power, strength and ego. The colour associated with this chakra is lemon yellow. It focuses on issues of thinking, control, authority, aggression and warmth as well as digestion and metabolism. A well balanced third chakra gives the ability to start things and see them through to the end.

Chakra Mudra Imbalances


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Imbalances with the third chakra mudra can lead to obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, heartburn, gallbladder problems and stomach ulcers. It can be better defined by the feeling of a ‘pit in the stomach’ when we are upset or nervous, or the feeling of our stomach ‘being in knots’.

Emotionally, when there is an imbalance, people tend to feel either timid or dominating. Feelings of anger or rage often lie within this chakra mudra. Those with passive aggressive issues may have an imbalance here too along with a lack of self worth or sense of hidden shame.

Balance with Yoga

Focusing on your core muscles will help stimulate the solar plexus region. Good exercises include single and double yoga leg lifts and ‘scissor’ legs. Other forms of exercise to stimulate the third chakra include hoola hooping and belly dancing.

How to Balance the Third Eye Chakra: Anja Spiritual Meditation

The chakras are part of the body’s subtle energy system. Universal energy, called prana, flows in and out of the ethereal body using the seven energy centers. These centers are called chakras, and they run in a straight line along the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Each chakra processes a different kind of prana, and regulates the prana that comes from within people with the prana from the outside world. Personal issues with a specific type of prana can cause blockages within a chakra. These blockages can manifest as emotional problems, mental issues, and even physical pain. It is important meditate on each chakra to understand the nature of the type of prana that it processes. This clears blockages and prepares the energy body for prana input from the outside world.

Ajna – The Third Eye Chakra

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This chakra is located around the forehead, most noticeably in the space between the eyebrows. This is where Hindi women (and sometimes men) where their Bindi dots. The third eye chakra governs physical sight and spiritual insight. People’s sense of self-awareness comes from this energy center, as well as their instincts and memories. The third eye chakra can be deep blue to royal purple in color.

Balance in this chakra helps people connect with their own soul and natural divinity. Like the heart chakra, the third eye chakra promotes connection with the energy of others. This centers guides perception of the future, and since the future is shared with all beings, balance in this chakra commands compassion. It diverts energy from selfish endeavors and turns it towards the common good.

Blockages in this chakra are notorious for causing insanity. Dwelling too much on future events can cause paranoia. Similarly, trouble with the third eye can lead to memory impairment and unawareness of the impact of one’s actions. A delicate balance must be kept with this chakra because over analysis of one’s actions can again lead to paranoia, while the opposite is often destructive egoism.

Ajna Spiritual Meditation

To perform Ajna spiritual meditation, one must first begin by using a deep meditation technique to calm the physical body. A guided body scan, or ten minutes of yogic breath should suffice. With the physical body calm, it will be easier to perceive the subtle energy body.

The subtle body feels different to everybody, but many describe it as a soft tingling throughout the physique, it is especially apparent in the limbs. The energy body has a means of paying attention to itself, just like the physical body. The subtle body’s perception is called the second attention. The chakras are perceived through this second attention.

To meditate on the third eye chakra, attention must be brought to the area around middle of the forehead. Imagine deep blue waves emanating from this area. Continue to hold second attention at this area while breathing in a yogic, or relaxed way.

Many people see mental or dream images while they focus on this chakra. Ajna mediation can include images of important moments in the past, as well as dreams for the future. Sometimes people feel their energy stretching out in all directions, and they may gain a better understanding of the consequences of their actions.

The individual can meditate upon the third eye chakra for approximately five minutes to half an hour, even longer for those accustomed to spiritual meditation. Chimes or a soothing alarm can be used to awaken from the meditation, or the physical body may automatically emerge from the meditative state, once the subtle body has brought enough healing attention to the third eye chakra.

Chakra spiritual meditations mend disruption in the flow of prana. Sometimes the impressions given during this healing can be intense or disturbing. Many people like to make action plans that reflect the impressions they receive during meditation as documentation of the progress of their healing.