The Tree of Life and sacral chakra healing

Sacral chakra healing – The Tree of Life is something that just about everyone who has ever read the Bible has heard of. What most people don’t realize is that it is a deep part of the spiritual beliefs of those known as Ceremonial Magicians. Their beliefs of the foundation of the universe came from the Kabbalah, alchemy, and a bit of Egyptian lore.

The Tree of Life and sacral chakra healing

I am writing this in an attempt to help shed some light on the Tree of Life in comparison to the sacral chakra healing. The Tree of Life has ten points known as Sephoroths. These points are aligned in such a way to create the image of a tree.

For the purpose of this study we are only going to look at the points in the middle pillar.

The First point is KETER, which means Crown. It is associated with the Crown Chakra. Both are physically associated with the top of the head or the crown. Both are the gateway by which we ascend into the astral to connect with the Divine. In the Case of Ceremonial Magick it is our Holy Guardian Angel we are connecting to. Who you connect to through the idea of sacral chakra healing’s seems to vary depending upon whom you talk to.

The next point in the middle pillar is TIPERETH, which means beauty. It is the balance point of the body and is associated with the Heart Chakra. The third point in the middle pillar is called YESOD and means Foundation. This is associated with the Root Chakra. The last point in the middle pillar is MALKUTH. It is associated with the feet.

sacral chakra healing

The tree of life however wasn’t always like it is now. The Story of Adam and Eve is seen as the fall for a lot of reasons. But, the one that is important to us is that the Tree of Life was a metaphysical thing. It is believed that Eve was the foundation and Adam was the crown of the tree. When they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, then subsequently were thrown out of the Garden, and it shook the very foundation of the tree of life. Because of this earthquake, Malkute and the rest of the points of the middle pillar fell to where they are today. The Original Tree probably looked something like this.

Those of you who know about sacral chakra healing are probably thinking, but there are still only 4 points in the middle instead of the 7 points used in sacral chakra healing. That is because it is believed the best way to climb the tree is in a zig zag fashion hitting point by point as you go. You can go straight up the middle, but by doing so, since the fall, you have to jump over the widest part of Da’ath translated as the Abyss. In contrast to this the sacral chakra healing can be used in meditation so that a person can jump from the earth to the heavens opening up the same type of connection with the Divine. But, we are here to discuss their healing properties.

Where stimulating the points of the sacral chakra healing in the middle of the body is considered, all that is needed to open up mind and body and the energies that flow for healing purposes. The Tree of Life uses all ten points on the body to heal. This is not in disagreement with the sacral chakra healing as that the points correspond with the Meridian lines of energy that flows through our body and are used in Chinese medicine.

sacral chakra healing

If you were to apply the Tree of Life to a hands on healing system such as Reiki, which typically focuses on the sacral chakra healing, you would be treating the whole body through ten points along the body instead of seven points down the center of the body. This is not unheard of. Reiki Masters have long focused on one point of the body or another along the Meridian lines of energy to help indirectly stimulate the Chakras. I would put it to you that what they are doing is instinctively stimulating the points of the Tree. In truth it matters not if you try to connect to the Divine through the use of Chakras or the Tree. You will find your way to where you are going either way. I also believe that both systems in healing are interconnected and necessary.

To my knowledge there is no test out there to determine which level of the tree you have currently climbed. Some have experimented with Astrology to determine the Sepheroth you were born to, and the path of ascension you would be forced to take due to blockage at different points. It is a fascinating field of study that as far as I know is not yet widely accepted among Ceremonials.

But the lack of testing is not the case with the sacral chakra healing. There are many ways to find out where you are blocked and why. By combining systems, you can discover what areas of your life need to be worked on based upon the sacral chakra healing, then help break free the blockage through energy work that uses both the Chakra points and the Sepheroth alternately. From the perspective of a healer, these two systems can and do work together very well in the promotion of mental and physical health relations.