Top 10 browsers for Mac 2018

Everyone needs a good web browser whenever you need to work on the internet. Let it be Windows or Mac, the faster and easy to use web browsers are always given preference.

Apart from fast browsing, security is the most important concern that every user gives first priority to.

A secure web browser not only protect your privacy but every other personal identifiable information as well. When it comes to working with Mac, the best of Windows browsers may not give a soothing experience.

There are plenty of Mac compatible browsers that can help your internet productivity touch new heights with blazing speed, an intuitive interface and lots more.

Here is a list of 10 such splendid browsers that will make your Mac browsing experience all the more better than it is now.

  1. Maxthon Web browser | Download

Maxthon Browser







Maxthon is a feature rich browser that boasts of a neat and clutter free interface that is smooth to work on. For Mac users, Maxthon provides the ultimate web browsing experience in full screen that one cannot expect in windows or from most of the other web browsers.

  1. Omniweb browser | Download

Omniweb browser






Omniweb browser pampers its users with a variety of add-on plugins, powerful security and a minimalistic interface.

In case you want to make a quick dash to a specific web page you visited recently, Omniweb helps you do just that easily with a click on its small thumbnail.

  1. Flock Web browser | Download

Flock Browser for Mac

Say hello to the twin brother of Mozilla Firefox. Just that this sibling is far more muscled and topped with quick access to all social networking websites that will cast away its windows version to oblivion.

  1. Camino |Download

Camino Browser for Mac







Camino is built on Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine and is equipped with tons of unique features like annoyance blocking, pop-up blocking and additional security from malware and spyware.

  1. Rocketmelt | Download

Rockmelt browser for Mac









A browser created exclusively for Facebook fanatics. This browser can be activated only with your Facebook account and is one of its kind web browsers for Mac that gives a terrific Facebook integration into your web browsing.

  1. Stainless | Download

Stainless browser for MAc







Stainless gives a painless browsing experience that is swift and fast (which is why most users have fallen in love with it). You can drag and drop virtual bookmarks for quick access and make quick searches with the search bar popped on the right top.

  1. Chrome | Download

Chrome browser for Mac









This had to come. Hailed as the best of all windows browsers, Chrome is also an excellent option for Mac users who hate cluttered toolbars and complicated browser settings.

  1. Opera | Download

opera browser for Mac








With a new face and new style, Opera is soon pushing to memories the painfully slow operation of its previous version. The new version and the one for Mac boasts of a wealth of features like the speed dial for instant access to favorites, content blocking and visual customization.

  1. Cruz | Download

Cruz browser for Mac






Cruz looks beautiful and has within its hood a host of mouth watering features that will make your web browsing better.

Browse multiple websites simultaneously with split panels, make your web page go full screen, or restore previous sessions quickly with this splendid browser for Mac users.

  1. Safari| Download

Safari Browser for Mac









It is not surprise that an apple creation has won the top rank for the best browser for Mac users.

Apple knows what its customers need and they have designed to perfection and even exceeded customer expectations with this neatly designed web browser.

It is futuristic in design, loads web pages faster and has smoother scrolling that makes the life of internet denizens one of absolute bliss and serenity.