Top 18 weird Websites that will make you say What the Hell !

The world is growing faster these days and a lot of people are willing to grab more options to find new ways of exciting lives.

Well, just as we spend more time on the internet and look out for the creepy things on this planet, here is something much more interesting for everyone.

Ever thought that even Blogs and Websites could be creepy and make you giggle out? Well, if you do not believe, then here are Top 15 weird Websites that will make you say WTH!

1) Solve the Riddle!

If you are looking for an amazingly interesting website that will keep you engaged then Solve the Riddle is such one. It will instruct you to solve a riddle in the website based on multiple levels.

However, there is a twist- the riddle will only require you to have a bright look the surroundings.

2) 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com

This is the weirdest website I’ve ever seen online. What you see on the website is Arnold Schwarzenegger everywhere on the website wearing weird costume.

What is the reason behind keeping this website alive is beyond many people’s understanding.

weird websites

3) Honest Slogans

Just as the Title will take you out, this unique website has been composed of hundreds and thousands of brands and their recorded slogans.

The most interesting fact is that these slogans are completing re-imagined and formed with a new humor. Well, it is helpful for most of the businesses that come out to make plans with Slogans.

4) heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa

Open and you will see this weird website for yourself. There is nothing on the website just a video from old days He-Man show. The video gets repeated over and again.

Ugly website5) A soft Murmur

This website is just completely amazing if you just have some disturbances around you.

The name might suggest you go for something creepy, but it is basically for the people who are willing to get some amount of relief from the constant murmur around.

So if you are planning for anything more, then this website, a soft Murmur will be your helping hand.

All that you have to do is to plug in your headphones and select the kind of ambient sounds you would proffer.

6) Experience Mount Everest

If experiencing the Mount Everest is just a dream for you then it is the time for you to experience the Mount Everest.

Well, climbing the entire beast is just awesome as represented on this website. It is entirely a virtual 3D Trek of The Everest to satisfy your dreams.

Interesting website

7) TIME’s Time lapse

Have you ever wondered on how the change of Time has evolved in changing the human evolution over the world?if you have, then the time has come for you to read up TIME Magazine over Google.

This website is history, about the history and also with history. If you are keen to know about the Amazon Forests, Dubai, Las Vegas and more, this website will drive you there!

8) World CAM

This fantastic site is there for you to find pictures- the Geo-Targeted Pictures which will give you a clear idea of how the Instagram photos are taken and where they are taken.

All that you have to do is to enter the location of the place, and the World CAM website will bring out a collection of all the pictures that have been taken at this place.

9) Faces of Facebook

Can you find your face on Facebook? Well, are you feeling all me and myself? This website Faces of Facebook is just what you would love to have more and more.

It consists of all the 1.2 billion Facebook Users and would make you comfortable with it. Try to find out your face if you actually can.

10) Lamebook

If you could not get enough of it from Facebook, then have a look at this website. It will indeed contain the funniest and a list of the people on Facebook.

It consists of posts and figures which embarrass the people and brings out hilarious moments of everything on Facebook.

11) Agar.io

The Agar.io is an application which based on games. It is a fun and mobile based gaming website that allows you to grow your bubble with the help of just controlling it with the help of cursor movements.

It is not so simple at all and there are much more things from which you need to keeping yourself safe.

12) AnimaGraffs

Ever thought of the idea of how everything in this world works on but there are no pictures of it?

With the help of AnimaGraffs you can find the coolest GIFs of some of the things such as car engines and much more.

So if you are planning to make something interesting then, just go to the AnimaGraffs website.

13) Cracked

Loved staying with humor all the time? if humor is your only wish, then all that you can do is to be cracked out from your mind with the help of Cracked.

When it is all about Cracked and making people madder for the different things. If you have a clear website, then just being cracked will give you a great effort.

14) Dear Photograph

If you are willing to take a picture from the past and make it in the present, then this website Dear Photograph is just what you will need.

The site lets you click a picture at the same place but totally taken in the past. Now this would seem to be interesting for everyone, but you need to understand this once.

15) The Oatmeal

If you are a big fan of the Comic Books, then you can go and easily grab The Oatmeal.

Well, from the widest collections of Comic Books and the animated comics, The Oatmeal is just designed for the kids.

Learn and enjoy the simple languages as well as all the beautiful comics from this website.

16) A Good Movie to watch

If you are a movie maniac and you are finding nothing great to watch, just roll your fingers across the website A Good Movie to watch.

You can find a big collection of Movies with their lists and can give more information on why to watch this film. It is fresh and unusual for all the movie buffs!

17) 100,000 Stars

If you aren’t still convinced that you need to relax and your problems are just not the biggest ones on this planet, then a visit to this website is a must.

The 100,000 Stars will show you how tiny part of the world is you and where you exactly are. Well, it is certainly amazing and also mesmerizing.

18) Haneke

If anyone could understand the purpose of this website, let me know as well. What all I see is machines and blue balls rolling here an there. There are lots of different kind of machinery and the blue balls is passing through them.

Weirdest website


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