Trudie Styler’s Warrior Yoga

Best known as the producer of movies such as Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, or perhaps even better known as wife of rock star Sting, Trudie Styler is also a yoga devotee. In partnership with fitness expert James D’Silva, she has put together Warrior Yoga, an intense, fairly advanced yoga workout that’s different from many other offerings from Gaiam.

Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga

Fluid, Intense and Challenging Workout

The yoga presented in Warrior Yoga relies largely on vinyasas, or sequences of poses that flow from one to the other. Poses are not held for extensive periods, and balance and a sense of flow is necessary to successfully navigate the sequences. Beginners will likely find the program difficult to work through at first. One major drawback is that D’Silva, who narrates the DVD, does not provide very many alternate approaches to difficult poses. Intermediate beginners who know something about how to modify poses will find their way through the workout, but the beginner will probably find themselves frustrated. One possible solution to this is to go slowly through the shorter workout, practicing in pieces until the full workout comes together more easily. Though this might put some off, the extra work will be worth it to master this flowing, expressive workout.

The DVD offers two separate workouts—the Express Workout at 25 minutes long and a full workout at 45 minutes. Even experienced yoga practitioners will be challenged by the Express Workout, while the longer one will provide even more opportunity to advance in ability. There are also two separate meditation programs, one narrated by Styler and one by D’Silva, to round out the yoga experience. The spiritual aspect of yoga is emphasized a bit more in D’Silva’s narration, but this in many ways adds to the experience rather than detracting. Also adding to the ambience of the DVD is instrumental music from Sting, largely drawn from his album Songs from the Labyrinth. The music proves not at all distracting, providing a pleasant and relaxing background to the fluid, constantly moving workout.

Additional Materials

Also included on the DVD are interviews with Styler, D’Silva and Sting, discussing yoga and also talking about work Styler and her husband have done on the Italian estate, Il Palagio, where they live and where the DVD was filmed. Il Palagio is huge but largely eco-friendly, and the interviews will be welcome to fans of Sting.

Warrior Yoga

Overall, this is an excellent DVD, providing high-quality material for yoga enthusiasts, Sting completists, and anyone who would like to venture into a style of yoga different from many of the more mainstream yoga gurus.

Four Ways to Spice Up Your Fitness Routine

Hot Yoga

Bikram Yoga, or “hot yoga,” involves a series of yoga poses performed in a heated room. Classes are available for different fitness levels, although a basic knowledge of yoga is an advantage.

Students are urged to wear comfortable clothing that breathes, such as ventilated tank tops and shorts or swim suit bottoms. Water is essential – you will get very warm, and you will sweat – a lot!

Bikram Facts:

Muscles warm up and you loosen up quickly
More challenging poses are possible in this environment, over a regular yoga studio
High studio temperature helps unclog pores and clear skin
Warm environment helps clear sinuses
Slow class pace helps participants focus on proper stance
Participants develop increased stamina and muscle tone


Rapidly gaining in popularity, Zumba is a new Latin American fitness craze that features dance steps and aerobic movements along with hot tropical beats. Instructors guide students though a high energy workout suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.

yoga teacher

Participants are urged to wear comfortable clothing, loosen up, let go of inhibitions, and focus on moving their bodies.

Zumba Facts:

Workouts are choreographed but personal expression is encouraged
Classes are fast-paced
The music is engaging and the rhythms challenging
Participants work all muscle groups
Workout routine is high-spirited and fun for all ages and genders
Self-development is encouraged, and competitiveness is kept to a minimum

Pole Dancing

Classes such as Pole Dancing and Lap Dancing, traditionally reserved for adult entertainers, have gained in popularity as women of all ages aim to get in touch with their inner divas while gaining strength and self-confidence, and shedding unwanted pounds.

Pole Dancing classes involve a series of choreographed movements set to music. With repeated attendance and regular practice, participants will eventually develop a basic dance routine that can be improved upon by adding increasingly more challenging moves and pole acrobatics.

Pole Dancing Facts:

Boosts self-confidence by showing participants sexy moves that everyone can master
Helps develop grace and improve balance
Increases coordination through repeated routines
Burns calories through high-energy dance moves
Improves muscle tone
Classes can be a fun social activity as well as a challenging workout


Spinning is a trademarked program of rigorous indoor cycling classes using resistance and changes in speed and tempo to simulate a variety of terrains. Classes are usually fast-paced and high energy.

While beginners are urged to speak to their instructor to find out how they can gradually ease into the challenging routine, indoor cycling classes offer a small learning curve, and participants will find themselves learning the ropes quickly, and with amazing results!

Indoor Cycling Facts:

A great way to burn large amounts of calories in a small amount of time
No special equipment is needed
Participants can wear sneakers, workout pants or cycling shorts and a tank top
Allows fast muscle development
Increases strength and stamina
Low risk of injury
Rewarding workout yields quick improvements in performance