Turn wholesale vinyl records into bowls this Halloween

Wholesale vinyl records – These days vinyl records don’t command a lot of money in the resale stores. Most of them will only bring in fifty cents to a dollar. And that’s true on eBay as well. Most vinyl records don’t even sell. They are dinosaurs that have outlasted their time. It’s not worth the owner’s time or gas to try to sell their vinyl records.

Turn wholesale vinyl records into bowls this Halloween

Instead of dumping wholesale vinyl records in the trash, there is an easy way to make them into fun, unique bowls for fruit or candy. They make interesting conversation pieces as well as fun gifts.

Supplies Needed for this Project
Parchment paper
A Cookie Sheet or Broiling Pan
Cooking Oil
Paper Towels
A Soft Cloth
Some Board
Oven Mitts
Ten Easy Steps

Step one: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Step two: Put the LP on a piece of cardboard and trace the center hole. Cut out the cardboard hole and set it aside. Plastic can also be used to plug the hole in the record.

Step three: Clean the record with some warm soapy water with soft cloth. Make sure it dries completely before going onto the next step.

Step four: Cut some parchment paper a little larger than the album and set it on a cookie sheet. If the cookie sheet is not wide enough for the album, turn it over or can use the bottom side of a broiling pan.

Step five: Put some cooking oil on a paper towel and gently coat one side of the album and place it oil-side down on the parchment paper, then place the pan in the oven.

Step six: Heat the album for 45 seconds then turn it over and heat for an additional 45 seconds.

Step seven: Remove the album and place it on a cool, safe surface. Use oven mitts as it will be hot. With the mitts on, bend and form the bowl. If it cools too quickly, reheat the LP for about 25-30 seconds. Once the LP is out of the oven though, it cools very fast so it is necessary to work quickly to form the bowl.

vinyl records into bowls

Step eight: Let it cool completely before washing the bowl with a soft cloth.

Step nine: Paint the cardboard cutout black if desired, then glue the cardboard into place to fill up the hole.

Step ten: Fill the bowl with fresh fruit, candy or something fun.

Useful Ideas for the Bowls

These bowls made of wholesale vinyl records are fun to have and give as gifts. The label will be intact, so if a friend or a boss enjoys a particular singer or composer, a bowl made out of a special record is a thoughtful gift.

For an especially fun gift, place a CD of the corresponding LP in the bowl.

These bowls made of wholesale vinyl records are handy to have to take as a hostess gift, especially when filled with candy or even bath salts. There are many things that can be placed in the bowls to individualize them for the perfect gift. Plus, they make great last-minute gifts. Just pull out an old LP and in a few minutes it is transformed into a unique gift.

Eco-friendly Halloween Tips and Ideas

Now you are done with the wholesale vinyl records turning into bowls. Let’s check some other Halloween tips and tricks.

Although Halloween is a fun date on the calendar with friends and family getting together to go trick or treating, play games and dress up, the odds and ends left over from the holiday can be a nightmare. But with a little creativity and recycling ingenuity, the extra junk decorations, costumes, and treats produce can be cut back.

Skip Buying Costumes

Start scouring around the house or a local thrift store to find great costume ideas and supplies before going out and buying a costume. It’s also possible that relatives may have interesting clothes from the 50s, 60s and 70s that can be pieced together for an interesting look spiced up with some funky accessories.

vinyl records into bowls

Also consider modifying clothes from the wardrobe and think about what can be put together from items already found around the house and make costume accessories, like wrapping recycled cardboard in aluminium foil to make wands, swords or tiaras, or make a cape for princesses or wizards out of an old pillowcase instead of buying new ones. Forget buying new plastic containers for candy and use pillowcases or recyclable bags instead.

Purchase natural, organic or environmentally friendly make-up. It’s not only better for the environment, it’s better for the skin as well.

Organic, Eco-friendly Treats

Cut down on giving kids candies with chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavoring and colors and stock treat bowls with organic, natural treats instead of standard commercial kinds. Organic candies or sweets made with pure cane sugar, fruit juice and natural colors taste just as good and are much healthier for kids.

Also try to hand out eco-friendly candy that is wrapped in paper. The problem with Halloween is that all the candy must be wrapped in eco-unfriendly packaging because of safety concerns and kids are taught not to accept unwrapped candy. There are many brands of taffy and gummy fruit snacks that are paper-wrapped. Whenever possible, buy locally produced treats to support local economy and also reduce fuel consumption and pollution associated with transporting products.

DIY Decorations and Crafts

Natural items like pumpkins, gourds, straw bales and corn husks are inexpensive and festive and can be tossed in the compost pile after the holiday to minimize waste. Reusable decorations that can be used from year to year also help save money and reduce waste over the long run.

Get the family together and create homemade decorations by using old egg cartons to make bats and spiders, milk jugs to make pumpkin heads and paper plates to make masks.

Party invitations can also be sent digitally instead of using paper and envelopes. Or, try handmaking small paper bags decorated for Halloween for guests and have them bring it to the party to serve as a doggie-bag for leftover treats.

Other Earth-friendly Halloween Tips

If possible, try to grow pumpkins instead of buying them to help reduce pumpkin-shipping emissions. Or, plan a pumpkin picking family trip and support local farmers and buy from a local grower rather than a large supermarket.

After Halloween is over add jack-o-lanterns, fallen leaves, straw used for decoration, food scraps, and other organic, biodegradable yard and household waste to a compost bin. Compost is good for the environment and creates excellent soil for a garden. There are many websites with helpful information on how to get started with a compost bin for those who don’t have one yet.

An activity that everyone can do is to plan a walking route so that the family can walk instead of driving from neighborhood to neighborhood. This will help keep the environment clean, save money on gas and also get a little exercise in the process. If driving is a must, get together with a group of friends and set up a carpool to take children trick or treating.