Uses for pranic energy therapy

Pranic energy therapy – Once you’ve begun practicing pranic energy therapy on your cat, you can work on focus so that you can pinpoint the area that you want to help. There are many different purposes for pranic energy therapy because what it does is bring balance to the energy that makes up your cat. All areas can use a little balance!

Daily Uses for Pranic Energy Therapy with Cats

General Wellness – Focusing your healing efforts on general wellness can bring about balance in your cat, which can help boost your cat’s immune system, give them energy, and give them a strong, healthy foundation. Five minutes a day of energy healing techniques, while visualizing your cat in perfect form, is a wonderful thing for your kitty! As you practice, imagine your cat surrounded by a beautiful, white healing light.

Mental and Emotional Wellness for Your Cat – Everyone knows that stress creates all sorts of medical problems for our feline friends. Energy therapy can be used to help your cat have a sense of calm. It can boost their self-esteem, soothe anxiety, and help them adjust to new things. Energy healing techniques can help cats with social issues and problems like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When performing energy therapy on the mental and emotional areas, focus on your cat’s mind and heart and send them all your love and lots of comforting thoughts. Visualize them purring happily away in a sunny window without a care in the world!

Specific Uses for Pranic Energy Therapy on Cats

First Aid – If your cat is injured, you can immediately begin performing energy healing techniques while transporting her to the vet. It can help keep her calm and relaxed and begin healing. An experienced energy healing techniques therapist can stop bleeding, lower temperatures and help promote rapid healing.

Travel – Before carrying your cat to the vet, groomer, or on a trip, you can perform energy therapy to help keep her calm and relaxed so that she doesn’t suffer from stress. If your cat has to travel without you, being shipped on a plane for example, you can focus your energy therapy via distance using visualization to help keep her calm.

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Broken Limbs – Cats with broken limbs often suffer from shock. Performing energy therapy right away can lessen stress, prevent shock, promote healing, and even keep your cat warm while transporting her to the vet.

To Help a New Litter Thrive – If you have a new litter of kittens, orphaned kittens, or a kitten that isn’t doing well, giving energy therapy can help keep them strong, help them develop properly, boost their immune system, and give them a sense of well being so that they thrive. Giving kittens energy therapy also helps them accept and bond with humans.

Diseases like Cancer, Aids, FeLV and FIP – Energy therapy is used as a complementary therapy to your veterinarian’s care, especially in the cases of serious disease or illness. Energy therapy can boost the healing abilities of treatment programs and medications and will bring peace and harmony to your cat. In the case of fatal diseases, your cat benefits holistically from receiving energy therapy. The energy you focus on your cat will help balance their body, mind, and spirit. Energy therapy is a wonderful way to help your cat cross over the rainbow bridge when the time comes, and they will feel your love and comfort as they pass on.

How Not to Use Pranic Energy Therapy

Energy therapy should never replace the care of a veterinarian. If your cat is ill, take her to the vet immediately and complement your vet’s care using energy therapy. Energy therapy can’t be used to treat worms, but it can help your cat’s body heal from the affects of having worms. Energy therapy can’t be used to treat a laceration, but it can slow bleeding and calm your cat while you get her to the vet. It can’t be used to heal a broken bone, but it will ease pain, lessen the possibilities of trauma, and speed healing when used to complement your vet’s care.

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Energy therapy alone won’t cure cancer, but it can help enhance treatment and medications prescribed by your vet, as well as help to bring balance that will strengthen their immune system and ease anxiety. It can’t save your cat from FIP but can help ease their pain and comfort them while they’re still with you and help them cross over feeling love and peace when it is time.

Practicing Pranic Energy Therapy on Your Cat

Use energy therapy responsibly, practice a little every day, always follow your veterinarian’s advice and treatment plan, and you can help your cat live a long and healthy life. The more you work with energy therapy and visualization, the stronger the energy flow will be.

If any of you are interested in becoming an attuned practitioner or studying energy therapy for pets in depth, or have any questions at all, please feel free to drop by the discussion area!